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@bthall Yes I am aware of it, sorry for the mess. πŸ˜“ It was working on a subdomain from and the domain was sold. I have to purchase a new domain now.

Until then,

Following the debacle, made a account. Definitely all new repositories are going in there. I can't make up my mind whether to archive all my repos and continue over there or not.

I'm in! Hacktoberfest 2020 

The project: the repository of standalone type annotations for the stdlib opened up for 2 weeks back.

It is fairly easy to contribute and find low hanging fruits yourself as described here:

I got my last PR for this season into typeshed:

Apart from this I have submitted 2 PRs to , 1 to - tools that I regularly use.

Now to get that tree :)

Smart watches are the stupidest invention ever. It needs charging more frequently than regular watches. Worse, it is a surveillance nightmare sending more intimate details about how you function to the cloud.

I still don't understand why people buy this thing.

Ah, Coldplay vibes. The chord progression at the chorus is a little bit like "Speed of sound". Love it!

I have been using for quite sometime, but until now I had only used it sequentially. I had copied the open_mfdataset function to , but without properly trying out the parallel=True option.

Today I spawned some distributed workers using dask-mpi and there was a 3x speedup for loading a collection of 100 files using 6 cores.

I should try out dask-jobqueue in the clustef next.

Python packaging 

I am divided on the thing. On one hand, yes it is cool to have a minimalistic Python deployed on new platforms: the web and the native mobile space.

However, I don't like that because it:
1. breaks backwards compatibility
2. adds another layer of dependency resolution
3. takes away the batteries included nature of Python, which is one of its defining characteristic.

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Python packaging 

It is possible that first or blessed third party packages might be the future if (the contentious "removing dead batteries" proposal) decides to go forward.

But unlike the latter here is a clear need for separating tzdata, since timezones are often announced in short notice and must be deployed on a reactive style.

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Python packaging 

I noticed tzdata which is considered a part of the CPython project, a "first party package" but hosted on PyPI. Quoting

> The term "first party" here is distinguished from "third party" in that, although it is is distributed via PyPI and is not currently included in Python by default, it is to be considered an official sub-project of CPython rather than a "blessed" third-party package.

πŸ“¦ New release of my pet project , a Python frontend to .

The installation is now lightweight following upstream work at .

This works in HPC clusters too logged in via SSH. Amazing isn't it?

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πŸ’‘ you could use / GNU 's attach and detach session feature to get persistent sessions in the terminal. To do so,

1. Start tmux
2. Open a few panes and terminal applications
3. Type tmux detach. Alternatively, the shortcut.. Ctrl-B,d
4. Type tmux attach or simply tmux a to jump back in.

This is a more robust workflow than minimising / nohup / Ctrl-Z + fg etc.

applications being available in Windows store and F-droid repos is a great incremental model for convergence. It may not be perfect as native apps (in Windows), but at least there is an option to choose freedom. I installed KWeather in Android and it looks decent. Also, how KDE Connect pauses music playback during phone calls and resumes feels magical.

With more applications being developed using , the UI/UX is bound to improve.

My broke and I wondering what to do next? I am looking at alternatives, and the only ARM board I have heard is . It seems to have better specs than RPi.


If there is any alternative to these let me know.

$50 a month. Sorry. But still it is a lot less considering there are not many developers working on it.

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@maswan The timelines here seem frozen. The latest toot that I see (except for my own) is ~1 day old. Everything alright?

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