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Hitchiker's Guide 

I am thinking of noting down all the amusing details, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as I listen. You are welcome to join if you will.

GitHub notifications interface is the email inbox I never asked for.

that has a prime number checker

$ openssl prime 47
2F (47) is prime


It is not a bug. The solution was to run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates

And select everyone of Mozilla's certificates to override Debian's CA certificates. I might need to run `sudo update-ca-certificates` in the future, or not. We'll see.

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I got this again while running a Python application tldr

$ tldr man
Error fetching from tldr: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:997)>

Could it be that the package ca-certificates 20211016~20.04.1

Is too old? I don't see any updates from

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KDE SSL bug 

I am getting certificate errors on repeatedly. Using latest .

I get this while trying to either set the wallpaper as "Picture of the Day" or while tring to download some new Plasma theme from the KDE store via System Settings.

Someone else reported something similar on Debian 11 recently. I don't get a crash however.

Anyone else

Linux distros 

Is Fedora the new Ubuntu?

I have been hearing a lot of positive rhetoric* about Fedora these days. On one side it is Ubuntu making itself more authoritative and hostile and Fedora continuing its wide array of community projects.

It maybe true, but I am not a big fan of dnf the package manager yet. I feel it is not the most fastest.

pacman > apt > dnf

Distro updates and stability is another issue.


Without any significant prior experience* in R, I was able to install and use a couple of 3rd party functions along with the base data.frame, read.table functions.

I know see where 's gets its API from.

*I knew that R uses $ instead of ., <- instead of =.

Hitchhiker's Guide spoilers: fit 6 

We say goodbye to a couple of important characters. Marvin the Paranoid Android had all the answers.

Middlemen have all the clichΓ©s of naive but annoying bureaucrats, committees who were clearly discarded. They all reach primitive small blue green planet (Earth). Middlemen are obsessed with discussions, money, media and market research than actual innovations like fire and wheel.

Time travel in a deterministic world makes it futile faced with a certain fate.

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Hitchhiker's Guide spoilers: fit 5 

Time travel exploited to create a time tourism to an otherwise dangerous "Restaurant at the edge (or rather) of the universe".

They do the classic bit of explaining time travel using simple materials, as seen in other scifi movies, purposefully miserably.

Editors copied the glossary from a cereal box & uses time travel to send the book back in time to avoid Intergalatic Copyright Law.

Paradoxes with math & infinity. No on
7 9 10 11 14 16 17 19 21-84?

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Hitchiker's Guide 

After a brief break, I will continue my notes on .

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Adding subtitles to a homemade video using was a breeze. So intuitive. I am impressed.

Migration, systemic problems, politics, deaths 

Insightful video essay by on how the is actively outsourcing funding atrocities in the southern border and finishing up with a motivation of why open borders and humanitarian treatment of asylum seekers maybe a win-win scenario.

Guesstimates point that 's next major upgrade on top of Ubuntu 22.04 might be slated for August.

Authentication in fedi, meta 

Federated login for fediverse, when?

More precisely, is there a spec for a federated protocol somewhere? Could be a nightmare to moderate and ensure robustness of the network under outages. Perhaps some servers can form a which makes a good balance between authentication portability, security and moderation.

there exists many more respecting frontends for various well known websites:

Kudos to @Decentralize_today for putting together the list.

Pingstdagen reminds me of ping-pong a.k.a. pingis.

No idea what it is for.

Hitchhiker's Guide spoilers: fit 4 

Philosophers don't like computers pursuing the "answer to life, universe and everything" or do they simply dislike the fact that computers are deterministic?

The answer was 42, of course. It was the result because the question was too broad. We can compare that to nonsense answers today's neural networks yield.

Earth happens to be a giant organic supercomputer to find the ultimate question. The supercomputer part made me think of the Gaia hypothesis.

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Hitchhiker's Guide spoilers: fit 3 

Planet building industry to appease billionaires seems like what the space industry is shaping into these days.

One random dude who announced "nothing is true" was apparently lying. A paradox.

"Things are not always what they seem”. Dolphins thought they were more intelligent than humans. Their last message before the impending doom was "so long and thanks for all the fish".

Famous last words. πŸ˜‚

Earth was build by the aliens with mice running experiments?

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Hitchhiker's Guide spoilers: fit 2 

Senior scientists rejecting an idea because it does not fit their world view, or even more petty - not being invited to fancy dinners. And their ultimate hate towards smartass students.

Sentient AI having is depressed and has existential crisis and is quite annoying. At which point wht don't we have humans instead to do the job.

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