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Hitchiker's Guide 

I am thinking of noting down all the amusing details, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as I listen. You are welcome to join if you will.


The protests nowadays sounds inevitable. Pushing for more and more orthodoxy after a long progressive past (ending with the Iranian revolution), Iranians were living a double life. I have heard from multiple friends who live a liberal life indoors, have house parties when they are in and have to pretend to be conservative in the streets. The bubble had to burst.

is truly repairable! I experienced it myself and it reminds me of how simple it was to service a computer.

What happened:
Drop my phone.
Display looked like white noise, although I could hear the video playing in the background.
Followed the Fixit repair guide, took out the display module and put it back in.
It was a loose connection as I guessed.
Bonus, removed some dust.

Everything back to normal.

Rings of Power, LOTR, speculations ep. 1 to 3 

The stranger who hangs out with the hobbits is...

What if there was a game like this which takes piped stderr of another command and makes monitoring of logs (think compilation and tests) more pleasant. Errors and warning appear as in-game enemies waiting to be squashed.

via @fribbledom

Could someone fill me up on what a is?

I only have a rough idea, but I am unsure if it is a movement, an organization or a general term.

The snap Firefox is
1) Not sandboxed. Ran with the same profile I had in my home directory.
2) Breaks KeepassXC's extension's communication API.

I have no idea why it even exists.

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Oh ! The snap-based firefox sneaked into the system during the upgrade process. Thankfully @tuxedocomputers 's deb repositories supply a native build. Using that instead

snap remove firefox

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While riding via in India out of the price one pays, Uber takes a hefty 23% and taxes takes a 7% cut. Yikes. There is a cash option, which might reward drivers better in .

KDE UX gripe 

's KRunner / Application Launcher needs a frecency algorithm. There is no reason for me to select "System Monitor" while I type for "tor". I mean the Tor browser, which is always the second option 😞

Python packaging 

The package manager / build system moved into 's umbrella. When did that happen?

State of Python testing 

I only wish that type stubs help the developer as much as the user. It is however not the case.

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State of Python testing 

And then there is...

- property testing with . It feels like a mix of the roles filled by pytest and mypy. It might help you get reach that extra mile of type safety and consistent behaviour where you assume different inputs.
- mutation testing, for example with mutmut. I am not convinced why we should do this

In short, Python's ast and typing libraries which powers a lot of the above are a great feature to incrementally improve the code quality.

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State of Python testing 

I have been thinking of in

- unit testing with or without is great for testing beaviour of the application, it may not cover all permutations of types a functions can accept
- static type checking with and friends is a verbose, but rewarding process; it can reveal type unsafe code which would otherwise go unnoticed
- linting with flake8, pylint and friends helps you avoid complexity and code smells

Food mention 

Of course French Fries are not French.

They are Pomme frites!

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Food mention 

French frieds (1944) never caught on. Simple short form fries attested by 1973. In the Upper Midwest of the U.S., sometimes called, with greater accuracy, American fries (1950), and briefly during a period of mutual ill feeling, an attempt was made at freedom fries (2003; compare liberty-cabbage for sauerkraut during World War I). Related: French-fry.


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Food mention 

French fries (n.)

1903, American English, earlier French fried potatoes (by 1856); see French (adj.) + fry (v.). Literally "potatoes fried in the French style." The name is from the method of making them by immersion in fat, which was then considered a peculiarity of French cooking.

There are 2 ways of frying known to cooks as (1) wet frying, sometimes called French frying or frying in a kettle of hot fat; and (2) dry frying or cooking in a frying pan.

Telescope plugin is pretty awesome. This is how plugins should be, extensible, plenty of possibilities, great UI.

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