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@bthall Yes I am aware of it, sorry for the mess. ๐Ÿ˜“ It was working on a subdomain from and the domain was sold. I have to purchase a new domain now.

Until then,

I am the only one, but does anyone feel Bernie's mittens look like a pair of Zigzagoons.

Farmer's protests in India 

I agree with this take. Privatization of key functions of a society. Some examples I could think of is the initial rise and subsequent failure of BSNL post telecom reforms in India. Another example is how privatized rail declined in UK, and nationalized rail continues to thrive in India.

What is needed is transparency and proper management of food supply chain. Not experimenting with market forces.

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Farmer's protests in India 

> In colonial India, peasant revolts against exploitative rulers often turned violent. Since Independence in 1947, farmers have staged demonstrations against falling crop prices, indebtedness and farm distress. But none have seen the staggering levels of cohesion and mobilisation - involving some 40 farmers' unions, more than half a million protesters, and large swathes of civil society - as the ongoing agitation.

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Farmer's protests in India 

> Experience across the world has shown that corporatisation of agriculture, contrary to improving farm incomes has often depressed them, says agriculture policy expert Devendra Sharma. "Leaving farmers to the tyranny of the markets would be akin to putting the sheep before the wolf. There are leakages in the current system, and it needs to be reformed, but replacing one failed model with another is not the solution."

Firefox Relay service 

FYI: it is open-source.

But I don't see the point of self-hosting such a service because:

1) Setting up an email service is more difficult than it should be
2) If you run an email server, wouldn't you want to be as hidden as possible?

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Photography headaches 

Images from a digital may have secret thumbnails and orientations that might surprise you.

I stumbled over this detail while updating my profile photo. What makes it a nightmare is different softwares ignore or respect these thumbnails and orientation data. What's worse 's -Orientation option hardly does anything correctly. Finally, I resorted to good old library to fix this.

Firefox Relay service 

Another use of is to have it act as your Git / Hg email. It would shield you from spammers and would be better than using a "no-reply" email which GitHub provides.

If you are out of the loop Relay is an email forwarding service in beta. More often than not email addresses are prone to leaks and breaches and fall into the hands of spammers. It is not a good scenario.

On the other hand you cannot use it for sensitive info.

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Fediverse (-) 

From my perspective, I find growing intolerance in Fediverse. I don't know how widespread this is.

Onboarding was often an issue. A newcomer may end up staying or deleting based on the initial welcome. This is very fragile and can be only taken care of by instance admin.

What's troubling is people who are familiar with the moderating tools (report, mute, block, block domain) of the Fediverse, and still end up being harassed and burned out.

If only people behave and be gentle!

Having a look at . Wondering whether it is a good idea or not ... should be OK for random newletters / sign ups.

Giving away 

I just donated to ! Join me and show your support for the open source projects we love.

It has been a monthly donation of $1, and it was suboptimal because PayPal receives $0.34 per transaction. I changed to a one-time $25 donation instead this time.

Hacky, but brilliant:

Add subtitles on top of any <video> element. This is useful because my local library has up to 5 films for rent but lacks English subtitles.

Rust + Python 

I really like how project along with packages Rust libraries to be used by Python seamlessly. I saw this proof-of-concept:

and recently with @qutebrowser adopting

as its adblocker, I am more convinced that this would be a safer option to interface compared to , , and .

has a delightful array of programmes this holiday season. Just done watching the yearly show and Kan du vissla Johanna now. Very cosy way to pass Christmas Eve.

GDPR gripe 

That was the interpretation of handbook for the question "Does your small website really need a privacy policy?". Welp, all those small websites (including mine) are breaking GDPR without any intent of malice unless a privacy policy is provided.

I checked GH, and they do mention this:

Codeberg which is the cleanest of all does IP logging.

I wonder if just a link in the footer suffice. ๐Ÿค” Or do we need a banner ๐Ÿคฏ ?!

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GDPR gripe 

> The short answer is: โ€œYes, always!โ€. โ€œBut I donโ€™t store personal data!โ€ is a typical answer in this case. According to Article 4 (GDPR), โ€œprocessingโ€ personal data is anything you do with it. This includes just collecting and using personal data. If you operate a publicly accessible server (e.g., web server, mail server, XMPP server), your server always processes at least IP addresses, which are widely classed as personal data.

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