Finally I simply reset the TV (which does not have any network or software updates btw - it is just a dumb LCD TV with a HDMI port) and voila it worked. HDCP 1.4 showed up on the Android box.

Why did I go through all this trouble? Netflix, Prime and Apple TV (all DRM applications) all of them stopped working without HDCP.

Thankfully the public TV, SVT Play did not use DRM so it was fine. We had almost made up to cancel all those subscriptions outright.

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in the worst possible way something worse than . . It is a handshake protocol baked into all devices with a port. And it comes in versions, of course! HDCP 1.4 is the old one that my TV has. HDCP 2.2 is the current version.

For some reason, out of the blue, my Android set-top TV box concluded that no HDCP was detected on my device. I tried the steps that they recommended many times with no avail


Wayland, KDE, screensharing 

Tried out in . Even with a graphics card on, it mostly works.

All I had to activate was:


Compared to my last time, Firefox, Thunderbird and Zotero does not glitch. External monitor (connected to the graphics card works) and what's more clipboard (using middle click) works!! 🎉 Screensharing seems to work in KDE too, at least via . likes to pretend it is only possible in GNOME, but there might be workarounds.

The Web Console is incredibly powerful and lets you manipulate the HTML document in different ways.


Here is a little snippet that I ran to make the solutions in a page (swcarpentry.github.io/git-novi) visible in one go rather than clicking on it:

$$("blockquote.solution > *").forEach(elem => elem.style = "");

I cloned and downloaded the files in a repo which uses . Where did it download the files from? How do I find that?

git annex info

shows a handful of "semitrusted repositories"

TIL that pressing % on normal mode alternates the cursor between delimiters: parantheses, quotes, if-endif blocks

This is my first package that was developed on @codeberg from the get-go.

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I published a tiny authentication plugin for . It is less than 100 lines of code and does all the cryptography heavy-lifting.


After the unions protest against changes in 's Aliens Act such as this


Universities have begun taken a strong public stand, stressing upon the implication of how it would lead to loss of talent and Sweden's attractiveness as a research destination



Mastodon critique 

's default UI is not perfect. If it wanted to promote self care there would have been options to disable the notifications and infinite scroll.

P.S. I use none of this unholy trinity of Web 2.0. I couldn't care any less.

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Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down

Cue in:
🎵 This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes again 🎵


How splintered into two (the original one and ) websites is weird and unfortunate. The original website was working fine and later on started hosting federated software.

I don't understand what the drama was about and I don't want to go through both threads to see who did what. I wish both the projects good luck.

are a great non-profit organization which teaches essential technical skills to students around the world. However I am really annoyed by their use of Analytics and Search in their lesson pages.

I left a comment in their lesson template, urging them to use either
@plausible or @Matomo

They already have self-hosted & / , so why does analytics have to be any different?


AltGr suddenly does not work on with my keymap layout and I have no clue why.

What's your go-to versioning scheme?

About two standard library modules compileall and zipapp. The former generates pyc files and the latter creates simple zipped python packages

I had an idea which would be useful to have as a command. I proposed it here:


Apparently it won't go any further anytime soon because the 's JSON API needs standardization. I see the reason why - but can't help but think that framing standards, while finds middle ground and stability, also sucks the joy out of . Maybe it is just me.

I watched all the episodes of 's Basketball / . It was the second sports based that I have watched in a long time and man it was really good!

Good balance of fictional super-powers, drama, strategy and sports.

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