Considering having my drive mirrored at . They seem to offer great free and paid plans. Anyone familiar with the service?

codegen module for generating C, C++, Fortran77, Fortran90, Julia, Rust and Octave/Matlab routines that evaluate sympy expressions.

is simply awesome. I've only used it through mullvad before, but today I created my own VPN between my servers and home network. Now that I've done this one time, it would just take a few minutes to repeat the process.

If you haven't tried WireGuard yet, give it a try

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414.7 parts per million. A new record. Higher than any time in human history. This is not opinion. This is reality.

This is hard science, backed up by peer review. This is not politics or spin. There is no debate. If you don't understand what these numbers mean, then use the internet and educate yourself on it.

At this point in the game, denying anthropogenic global warming is like denying the moon landings or vaccines.

#globalwarming #climatechange #climateemergency #science

Can someone make some good clips for @adam

"NOAA Is Upgrading Its Forecast Model For The First Time In Nearly 40 Years"

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The effects of the #ClimateCrisis are showing at a feverishly increasing rate & scale and they all tell us one thing: #ActNow!!!
We can't afford a single more day of #businessAsUsual - #TellTheTruth and get to work! #RebelForLife #ZeroCarbon2025

's maintainer is actively working towards an WebExtension API and is pretty serious about it - so much that an entire chapter in his thesis about it

Did you already see the insanely beautiful Map of the #SolarSystem by Eleanor Lutz? 🌌

She published the #python code and a tutorial on how she made it. ❤️

We want to congratulate the project on reaching 1.0 and starting the Matrix foundation! And yes, Talk interoperability is on our minds 🤔 #decentralization

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