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@bthall Yes I am aware of it, sorry for the mess. ๐Ÿ˜“ It was working on a subdomain from and the domain was sold. I have to purchase a new domain now.

Until then,

A long standing issue was fixed recently and should allow for in-place mutation for Dask arrays. Should try it out later .

GitHub feature 

that on pull-requests one could add .patch or .diff to the end of URLs for Gitโ€™s plaintext views. This may not be as exciting to people who like the git send-email workflow, but at least meets halfway with git am support.

@ashwinvis Turns out past me had set LC_ALL in ~/.bash_profile for some random reason. Deleted that line ASAP.

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For some reason my LC_* variables are set with the en_US locale and the MM/DD/YY date format is driving me mad. Changing /etc/locale.conf is not cutting it.

ArchLinux changes 

: the fontconfig path has changed from /etc/fonts/conf.avail to /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail

Unlike `ls` which is an executable in POSIX systems, `cd` or even `pushd` and `popd` is not - they are merely shell specific commands. There is no `/bin/cd` or `/usr/bin/cd`. This fact made me question my mental model of the terminal.

TIL about unbuffer, which would preserve terminal colours through a piped shell command

@ashwinvis It seems like there has been similar ideas in the past such as Nodebook (an extension) and Pandas specific DfNotebook (a kernel). An integrated experience is lacking still.

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I am really impressed with Pluto.jl for the UI/UX that they built and applying static code analysis to build reactive notebooks. I think the notebook / lab has a lot to learn from Pluto.jl.

Bonus: The demo of Pluto.jl in last years JuliaCon was one of the most entertaining virtual talks I have seen. Do check it out.

KDE feature 

KDE is smart enough to put all notifications on do-not-disturb when the screens are mirrored. Nice touch!

Changing Faces: The Mistaken Portrait of Legendre

The story of how the face of the famed mathematician was conflated with that of another politician with the same surname.

Vim scripting for Python dev 

I am very happy with the result. Ctags makes the code easy to navigate big projects natively (have a look at `:help tags`)and with fzf.vim you can also do it interactively via the Tags command.

Of course it does not beat an LSP. But still good to have.

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Now that static site generator has a revamped plugin system, all plugins are now installable.

To make calendar respect the self-signed certificate, go to Preferences > Manage Certificates. Under "Authorities" import the client certificate generated. Under "Servers", "Add Exception" for the relevant URL "localhost:<port>".

For some weird reason, the Confirm Security Exception dialog does nothing.

A simple salted and hashed password plugin.

Now I can serve my Radicale server in instead of localhost.

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