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@bthall Yes I am aware of it, sorry for the mess. ๐Ÿ˜“ It was working on a subdomain from and the domain was sold. I have to purchase a new domain now.

Until then,

Using on Android via @fdroidorg. Finally a keyboard with all modern features.

> FlorisBoard (An open-source keyboard which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.) -

I got my first dose last week. I am glad to report that there was nothing more than a insect bite like soreness local to the arm.

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Covid-19 vaccine disinformation 

If this is true:

It is appalling to hear that anti vaxx paranoia has gone public around the world. Disinformation must be combated with information.

Those of use who believe in science and took vaccine shots should share their normal experiences to assert its safety.

Language learning, bad meme 

How I am learning languages right now.

I am no longer stuck with your lame curicullum, . I use now.

Barrier to try learning Nix, Guix 

The concept of functional, reproducible package manager which gives good results is a great selling point.

But why, oh why, did have to conjure up an entirely new programming language to do that? It reminds of how Vim script has no use-case outside developing plugins for the editor or running short scripts. At least lets you use an existing language, - although a lisp like language is not accessible to a layman.


Two of my PKGBUILDs (python-pythran, python-beniget) got transferred to the community repo.

is now a build time dependency for , finally getting the attention that it deserves!

After a few days of open sourcery and rigorous testing I released instant-markdown-d and vim-instant-markdown v0.2.0

There is also a small website now:

We wish to make the project self a sustainable so we have added an open-collective account to have a bug bounty. Hopefully people who found it useful might chip in.

Setting up and after a long time of desktop usage. Until now I sparingly relied on tools such as antivirus and firewalls in Linux, given that viruses and worms are uncommon. I have to rethink now, since now there proprietary applications and games that I run in my system :(

It is weird that smartphone touch keyboards have a QWERTY layout. Isn't the ergonomics different here?

IRC debacle 

The IRC exodus to LiberaChat reminds me of this quote.

"Be water, my friend!"
-- Bruce Lee

It is impressive how various big FOSS projects reached consensus and jumped ship in a short span of time. Wish it were true for other social media for which the network effect and inertia seem to be unsurmountable.

Writing math in e-mails 

Search for support in ๐Ÿค”

"This functionality is available in Thunderbird version 31.6.0" ๐Ÿ‘

"Sadly, this feature uses , which at this point seems to be supported only by Firefox and Thunderbird. As far as I can tell, Microsoft never supported MathML and Google has stopped in 2017. " ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

FFS?! Seems like only works cross-platfrom, which now requires a Google API. Hopefully support comes soon.

Eurovision favs in final 

Switzerland's entry has a good shot at winning.

I love Finland, Ukraine, Portugal and Belgium, France have music from genres other than pop. Finland's Blind Channel reminds me of Linkin' Park. Ukraine's punk may be ahead of our times. Do they always send metal bands to ?

Iceland's entry was entertaining but it's a pity that they can't contest in the finals.

Albania and Cyprus have very good vocalists. And of course I am rooting for homeboy Tusse from Sweden.

I ran into some crazy edge case involving Click and Pytest and Snakemake. The tests pass if I run the unittests for click at the end, and fails if I run it the other way round.


What's more, after building, it is also possible to sign your packages!

twine upload --sign dist/*

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Python packaging 

that the while the old way of packaging with

python sdist bdist_wheel

works it has been superseded by build: It includes PEP 517 build isolation.

python -m build

Python thinks pi is rational ๐Ÿคญ

>>> from math import pi
>>> pi.as_integer_ratio()
(884279719003555, 281474976710656)

I blogged a short post on conditional expressions / ternary operators in different programming languages: etc.

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