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British and other European, Mastodonians, be sure to vote in the upcoming EU parliamentary elections. The cohesion of #Europe depends on you.

"#Britain will have its 'second referendum' - on 23 May. Don’t miss it"

#eu #uk #brexit #election

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Today I discovered . First impressions are awesome a lot of community support and integrations. Should check it out more.

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**Mass deforestation: How trade fells trees in Brazil and Indonesia**

"Hunger for beef, palm oil, soy and timber fuels rainforest clearance at enormous scales, especially in Brazil and Indonesia. That matters for climate change."

#news #bot

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RIP #NotreDame

I am just very fortunate to have visited it before it was destroyed.

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For those who run on and wonder why there is no connection:

Matrix announced an emergency maintenance… on Twitter:

Sadly @matrix didn't receive the love it deserves and informs the Fediverse.

Anyway, that's why we have a community. We compensate short coming of each other and together make sure the world becomes a better place!

#Matrix #matrixDown #riot

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After digging into Grammarly's privacy policy, this Reddit user decided to uninstall. Why? He found that Grammarly...

1. Collects everything you type into the browser w/the extension
2. Can store that data indefinitely
3. May share it with 3rd parties

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When #Cloudflare and #Google prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?

And no, you don't get a chance to prove to a computer that you're human, this is a hard lock out, disguesed as a CAPTCHA.

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Academia needs a major remodeling.

Firstly capitalism needs to be exorcised from it.

" dashboard is a useful, yet productivity killing interface. It is too addictive."

There I said it.

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A rewrite of conda, and it is super fast. All thanks to the great team at we have

Installable as

conda install mamba -c conda-forge/label/mamba-alpha -c conda-forge

cc: @Maltimore

NEP-18 is probably the most exciting development in in the recent years.

WIth this it is possible to use other NumPy-like arrays such as Dask and CuPy to use NumPy functions, without changing the code. . However I wonder how would one generalize array creation, since the inputs are simply intergers for functions like (np.ones, np.arange, np.random.random).

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I really don't get why some people are so negative on Matrix.

Yes, it has some issues, but as far as I can see it's the only viable modern protocol with multi-device support and end-to-end encryption, which are both critical.

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