OpenPGP end-to-end encrypted ActivityPub DMs and chat. When?

(Please don't mention Delta chat. I know it exists.)

The Matrix 4 spoilers 

must have broken some kind of record of meta. The self awareness of the movie, its symbolism and the plot itself was something.

IPv4 is the Python 2 of the internet. A better standard exists with improvements, yet the legacy standard refuses to die.

Budget laptops in EU, help 

Thanks to the previous poll and Fediverse, I managed to narrow down on a Pulse 15 laptop for myself. Now I need one for my child. Unfortunately they dont seem to have any budget .

Annoyingly any offering at around the 500 to 600 euro range is a Chromebook.

I found a vendor called . Has anyone bought from them?

Should I look somewhere else?

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Alternatively I would love to have KDE Neon. I saw a few commits on tuxedo-tomte on this, but no official announcements. Will that be offered?

I really woul like to have an up to date desktop environment. πŸ˜€

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A few question on this to @tuxedocomputers.

I can't find the installer for Manjaro on GitHub Why is that?

Only Manjaro XFCE is offered now. I know one could install KDE Plasma themselves later on, but I would rather have it on purchase. When do you expect Manjaro KDE Plasma available?

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Thanks to all who replied. I don't think the results are going to change much now. In the end, I had two laptops shortlisted:

- Tuxedo Pulse 15
- KDE Slimbook 15

The specs are nearly identical, and because Tuxedo provides extra warranty, returns and for a slightly better price, I would go for the Pulse.

The only question which remains is which OS.

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daily driver πŸ’» vendors with good support in the EU πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί. Which one would you go for?

Boosts appreciated

Today is . Great timing, as I was indeed wrapping up a few projects.

Thanks to @brainwane and Pradyun for the initiative.

Perhaps for the first time in many years I am annoyed at Linux.

> Although some file systems commonly used with Linux do store creation dates (for example, ext4 stores them in st_crtime) , the Linux kernel offers no way of accessing them

Old hardware, covid mention 

When I boot up my old laptop and see it frozen in time. It managed to go to cryosleep through the whole pandemic.

Was listening to The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe and felt it sounds so similar to Radiohead - Creep. Looked it up on Wikipedia and yes they had a copyright settlement.

has revamped their website I went through the what's new page and about the plt.subplots_mosaic method. Looks very intuitive compared to the old gridspec method.

Yet another server!

This seems to work nice though - at least with jupyterlab-lsp... for now!

Carpentries analytics now Google-Free 

I forgot to update what happened to this issue. The maintainers had a PR with @Matomo ongoing, but they were planning on putting cookie-banners along too. I suggested that this could be avoided, if you make the analytics anonymous. And this is what happened.

Now all the main pages are Google free. The lesson styles were also changed, but they have not been rendered yet. Soon.

TLDR: Constructive criticism helps. The world is less Googly now.

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Conversations gives you a Gmail like feel with inline-reply and stacked email threads.


Finally I simply reset the TV (which does not have any network or software updates btw - it is just a dumb LCD TV with a HDMI port) and voila it worked. HDCP 1.4 showed up on the Android box.

Why did I go through all this trouble? Netflix, Prime and Apple TV (all DRM applications) all of them stopped working without HDCP.

Thankfully the public TV, SVT Play did not use DRM so it was fine. We had almost made up to cancel all those subscriptions outright.

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in the worst possible way something worse than . . It is a handshake protocol baked into all devices with a port. And it comes in versions, of course! HDCP 1.4 is the old one that my TV has. HDCP 2.2 is the current version.

For some reason, out of the blue, my Android set-top TV box concluded that no HDCP was detected on my device. I tried the steps that they recommended many times with no avail

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