Learn algorithms and data structures instead of programming languages and frameworks. #Rant


@alexcleac Indeed.... but one way to learn a new approach can be to learn an new programming language.

For example I can comprehend C, C++, Fortran, Python and related imperative / OOP languages with ease. Learning Haskell is an ongoing task which forces me to think differently.

@ashwinvis FP introduces a bit higher level abstraction on how programms are executed. It's like ASM -> C: it still has same concepts applied, same algorithms, etc. But with a bit different abstraction level.

@alexcleac Better abstractions are essential. If we were trying to mimick assembly we would still be using the goto statement.

FP let's you think problems differently as a flow of data, avoiding mutation, and composing higher order functions. I guess that is inline with your point in learning new algo and data structures. Alternatively one could stay with familiar tools and try to translate mathematical concepts into new code.

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