@bthall Yes I am aware of it, sorry for the mess. 😓 It was working on a subdomain from and the domain was sold. I have to purchase a new domain now.

Until then,

@ashwinvis @bthall Just a word of warning when it comes to It is not uncommon to put domains there & pull them if any of the subdomains created using a domain gets any large amount of traffic. That traffic is then redirected to something with a ton of advertisements or some scam.

It is, in general, best to pay the $12/year for your own domain instead of giving someone else control over it (the same goes for using Microsoft GitHub).

@katie @bthall Yep, I learned it the hard way. Thanks though.

Dynamic DNS is still useful for private servers, I think. Certainly not recommended for websites etc.

@katie @bthall Finding a good domain name for that price is not easy though. Additional considerations like renewal prices, whois and transfer conditions makes it hard decision.

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