Fediverse app and blocking bad domains 

Whenever someone mentions @fedilab or similar apps which chose not to implement a domain block of gab etc., people demean it and call the app "fascist". I stand by this statement:

My personal take, implementing a block list is a full time job. Look at how adblock addons rely on a number of community maintained lists of advertising and tracking domains.

Fediverse app and blocking bad domains 

The closest analogue of an app level blocking feature would be Firefox's enhanced tracking protection and that too is optional. Making it hardcoded is counterproductive and leads to forks. Just see how Tusky got forked.

If you are not convinced by my take, why don't you extend the analogy and term your browser, even Mastodon source code fascist. They let you connect and interact with gab don't they and these have chose not to hardcode a block by default.

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Fediverse app and blocking bad domains 

@ashwinvis Even people who think that app developers should block gap, please stop calling not doing so fascist.

Please us a bit of nuance and do not mimic the fascists calling everyone else the far left.

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