Like India, the USA will ban Tiktok to protect the #digitalsovereignty & #privacy of Americans. A great move!

Europe should follow this example and block foreign services that do not respect EU law.

@nextcloud Of course is #TikTok a disaster, with or without #China's involvement. But is blocking all foreign services in the EU not exactly the same the Great Chinese Firewall?


The reality is Foreign companies don't pay up when fined for tax evasion and breaking privacy without consent. They just dance around with appeals on court decisions. In a simpler world this would be the next best thing.

Unfortunately blocking US services would be next to impossible. The web and entire IT infrastructure would come to a standstill. There is excessive reliance on GAFAM+Cloudflare on nearly all tech nowadays.

@ashwinvis I agree with what you say about taxes and privacy, but is the answer to build a Great European Firewall? Isn't it better to target specific companies?

I don't want to see the internet split up and having that Firewall will create a domino effect. Bye bye internet!


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