💡 you could use / GNU 's attach and detach session feature to get persistent sessions in the terminal. To do so,

1. Start tmux
2. Open a few panes and terminal applications
3. Type tmux detach. Alternatively, the shortcut.. Ctrl-B,d
4. Type tmux attach or simply tmux a to jump back in.

This is a more robust workflow than minimising / nohup / Ctrl-Z + fg etc.

This works in HPC clusters too logged in via SSH. Amazing isn't it?

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@ashwinvis dtach is the even older no-frills option (leaves even terminal management to the program it is given to run).

@wyatwerp First time I am hearing about dtach.

Anyways for now, I am really enamored by tmux. For example, you can script creation of tmux sessions:

and sending commands to it:

@ashwinvis Oh yeah, I’ve been using tmux for running things on remote servers for years, it works great! It’s also helpful because it keeps running even when the connection drops or times out. The only difficulty is that it can be finicky when you’re doing SSH X forwarding, but I rarely do that, so it’s not an issue for me

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