💡 you could use / GNU 's attach and detach session feature to get persistent sessions in the terminal. To do so,

1. Start tmux
2. Open a few panes and terminal applications
3. Type tmux detach. Alternatively, the shortcut.. Ctrl-B,d
4. Type tmux attach or simply tmux a to jump back in.

This is a more robust workflow than minimising / nohup / Ctrl-Z + fg etc.


This works in HPC clusters too logged in via SSH. Amazing isn't it?

@ashwinvis dtach is the even older no-frills option (leaves even terminal management to the program it is given to run).

@wyatwerp First time I am hearing about dtach.

Anyways for now, I am really enamored by tmux. For example, you can script creation of tmux sessions:


and sending commands to it:


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