A while ago, I stopped starring Repositories on GitHub, instead I started to mirror them (given the license allows it) and/or simply used browser bookmarks. It's a lot more universal and mirroring makes sure, the stuff doesn't disappear.

If you wonder how I mirror all these repositories:


It's now more than 100 repositories and since I started to tag them consistently, they become my GitLab instance becomes a curated set of repositories.

Other benefits of just mirroring stuff:

1) You can protect tags or branches as you like and therefore make sure no (malicious) rewrites take place without your okay
2) You can base your projects on your mirror and make sure a disappeared project doesn't break your builds/infrastructure.

And of course, you can provide an "neutral proof" for the history of a project, if they have some kind of legal fight going on.


I stopped starring as soon as Microsoft bought it. I imported the stars into Zotero and deleted them.


Once done I continue to collect metadata of interesting repositories in Zotero.

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