Charming little game

Track not found?!

Hey! Where's the track?! Play with perspective and optical illusions to help your train cross a river in 11 different levels! (the 11th is for Coil users only) You can play in fullscreen on desktop by clicking the icon on the title screen (the performance may drop a little). You can skip any level with the Escape key. You can try to collect these three OS13k trophies...


Welp. So my first fell out just before finish line. With the absurd rule of 14 days review even after the PR gets merged / accepted it meant there was only 2 weeks to get it done in practice.

I was doing ~1 PR to a serious project per week, and I got all of them in. 2 to ipython, 1 to xarray and 1 to typeshed. The last one was not counted, unfortunately, even though it was merged on 22nd October.

No 🌳 for me then πŸ˜•. This will be my first and last hacktoberfest.


The pelican theme that I have been using had two standalone themes and I have been using either of those at a time.

Now, I have implemented a dark-light theme toggle button on my website ( Kudos to @ekaitz_zarraga for his post and code which made this possible.

annotations UI got a refresh in version 20.08.0. It looks polished the annotation toolbar can be dragged to different positions. Thanks, devs.

's walrus operator is like that friend who is weird at first, but over time you like having him around.

This explanation, although the example is trivial, sums it up nicely.

Android question 

What are these weird new icons that appear on ? It shows up on the top bar and I am running version 9. See images attached:

1. With Wifi on
2. With Mobile data on

Github stuff 

Ignore all the fluff to make it less distracting.

Firefox tips 

I don't know which when was implemented, but now supports adding `@keyword` shortcuts for custom search engines. There are many in :

Yes, there is always the options to right click and add a keyword as bookmark, but that is not so easily discoverable.

I guess we can wish farewell to DuckDuckGo bang searches.

Finally my blog is complete with webmentions form and all that jazz. I had to use a 300 line JS script to render comments though.

Kudos to Still reliant on as backend, but that will be replaced in the long run. Next step: buying a domain name.

that has a popup feature which can read selected text from any application (for. example browser) and make a dictionary lookup.

Linux (maybe) Sucks 2020? 

19 minutes in, and I am doubting the statements. So I checked them myself. If all OSs are loosing then who is winning @lunduke? πŸ˜•

Also drop in results from other analytics can be due to widespread use of ad blockers. There are too many variables to make a reliable conclusion.

Question to librarians: openurl, research 

Settled at setting up a proxy in connector.

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