Neo-nazi guy and Vice 

that has a popup feature which can read selected text from any application (for. example browser) and make a dictionary lookup.

in Arch Linux, the licenses package (a dependency of the base meta package) contains many commonly used licenses, which are installed under /usr/share/licenses/common/.

SSH related 

you can do standalone multiline scripts with . Like this:

Cool, but no thank you. I would rather stick to small one-liners or use Python / AWK.

LOTR OST and why it is so awesome 

about ncdu - a lightweight alternative to baobab or filelight and more useful than running du.

I could setup an
1. tunnel to a Supercomputer and
2. run without browser an
3. then interact it on client side from the browser.

Symmetric encryption and in particular is better than public key authentication (what you get with ssh-keygen).

It seems like weakest link should be the password used to authenticate with kinit.

that 's operator precedence matches 's more closely than 's! The following is valid:

> Fortran expressions don't bind exactly like C's do. Watch out for exponentiation with **, which of course C lacks; it binds more tightly than negation does (e.g., -2**2 is -4), and it binds to the right, unlike what any other Fortran and most C operators do; e.g., 2**2**3 is 256, not 64.


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