about 's iabbrev which could be used to:

1. expand abbreviations
2. auto-correct common misspellings

I have started to use where there is a "xontrib" / xonsh plugin called abbrevs which also works similarly!

πŸ’‘ you could use / GNU 's attach and detach session feature to get persistent sessions in the terminal. To do so,

1. Start tmux
2. Open a few panes and terminal applications
3. Type tmux detach. Alternatively, the shortcut.. Ctrl-B,d
4. Type tmux attach or simply tmux a to jump back in.

This is a more robust workflow than minimising / nohup / Ctrl-Z + fg etc.

To dd or not to dd 

you do not need to use dd for writing images into flash media (or equivalent) 🀯




However, none of the above articles discuss what status=progress oflag=sync does when used with dd. I don't know either.

that coreutils comes with powerful commands like these:

❯ factor 343 # for prime factorization
343: 7 7 7

Source: pypi.org/project/primefac/

PDF Tools:

> This tool is not a PDF parser, but it will scan a file to look for certain PDF keywords, allowing you to identify PDF documents that contain (for example) JavaScript or execute an action when opened. PDFiD will also handle name obfuscation.


PDFs are not always safe. Some readers (not Adobe Reader) have ignored such obscure features like embedded JS, hence avoids such exploits.

Neo-nazi guy and Vice 

that a co-founder of Vice, is also a founder of Proud Boys - a neo-nazi cult.



> McInnes left the publication in 2008, citing "creative differences" as the primary issue.


that has a popup feature which can read selected text from any application (for. example browser) and make a dictionary lookup.

in Arch Linux, the licenses package (a dependency of the base meta package) contains many commonly used licenses, which are installed under /usr/share/licenses/common/.

SSH related 

about agent forwarding:


What was I even thinking setting up ssh key at every server I login into!

you can do standalone multiline scripts with . Like this:


Cool, but no thank you. I would rather stick to small one-liners or use Python / AWK.

LOTR OST and why it is so awesome 

> In The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, composed by Howard Shore, the dramatic orchestral score has about a hundred leitmotifs recurring throughout, which are mostly associated with the protagonists, villains, locations, objects and moods. Furthermore, Shore created over 65 new leitmotifs for The Hobbit film trilogy.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leitmoti

from :

Still listening:


about ncdu - a lightweight alternative to baobab or filelight and more useful than running du.

I could setup an
1. tunnel to a Supercomputer and
2. run without browser an
3. then interact it on client side from the browser.

Symmetric encryption and in particular is better than public key authentication (what you get with ssh-keygen).


It seems like weakest link should be the password used to authenticate with kinit.

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