Did you try any apps which rely on Google Play services. I had some trouble withe the ProtonMail application last time I tried /e/.

I see where you are coming from. Research often span a spectrum. It could be pure, idealized or applied. The main reasons you don't enough site specific studies in India is because:

1. There are very few institutions devoted to geography, earth sciences and meteorology in India: and I doubt if they are placed in a same university. There are no undergrad courses in that direction too.
2. Data required to conduct such study are closed and requires privileged access to IMD or ISRO etc.

Cyclone Nivar in South India 

With bound to make landfall in T.N. it is nice to see that authorities are now setting up disaster relief camps and rescue workers in preparation. It is nevertheless a pity that this was not predicted days earlier so that preemptive evacuation could commence as done in Southern U.S. Clearly there is room for better forecasts!

about 's iabbrev which could be used to:

1. expand abbreviations
2. auto-correct common misspellings

I have started to use where there is a "xontrib" / xonsh plugin called abbrevs which also works similarly!

Anybody knows why you get more checks while browsing with / in some websites? How does one avoid it?

OCR Output (chars: 558) 

Classic example.

What's friend in elvish. Mellon. Door opens..

Now that I think, it could have been one of the earliest use of a captcha challenge. And a very simple one too.

This is one (of many) things that does better, where a tag is a separate commit (or changeset) and there is an added line in the .hgtags file. There is no ambiguity. For example


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@pence I do that too. It caused readthedocs to build before the tag was pushed and I got a dirty tag instead on the main page:


I read the manpage now and I saw there is a --follow-tags option

> Push all the refs that would be pushed without this option, and also push annotated tags in refs/tags that are missing from the remote... This can also be specified with configuration variable push.followTags. For more information, see push.followTags in git-config(1).

While making a release, should you:

In general I don't like supporting any website which have a huge load of analytics and trackers running on their website. I wonder if newspaper subscriptions let you read without trackers or have the newspaper delivered in your mailbox?

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thehindu.com added a paywall. But even if I want to pay them, they tell me "Currently, this feature is not available in your region.". πŸ™„

I have no clue why people are (over-)reacting over Guido coming back from retirement and working for MS. He had other jobs in the past before, viz. Google and Dropbox. Also now a steering committee makes the final calls 🀷 .

@mikegerwitz This seems like the best advice I heard in a while. I changed in the KDE keyboard settings. Tried both caps as esc and as ctrl. The latter has much better returns, also outside Vim. For example:

- Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Backspace: Here in mastodon's compose box, and most messaging applications
- Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
- Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W: For firefox tabs
- etc, etc.
Have to get used to it though.

Charming little game

Track not found?!

Hey! Where's the track?! Play with perspective and optical illusions to help your train cross a river in 11 different levels! (the 11th is for Coil users only) You can play in fullscreen on desktop by clicking the icon on the title screen (the performance may drop a little). You can skip any level with the Escape key. You can try to collect these three OS13k trophies...
Making-of: xem.github.io/articles/js13k20


Python deprecation policy 

@jiaming There was a new podcast episode explaining the reasoning behind it.


The short answer is this: python.org/dev/peps/pep-0011/#

I would blame Windows and its lifecycle. FWIW, Python 3.6.x is still getting security packages. And Python 3.8.x is getting bugfixes and would work for future releases of Numpy up until a generous 2023.


KDE here as well, on Arch Linux.

The compositor crashing after a suspend has been happening since late 5.19.x releases. It was so bad that SDDM crashes and I needed to login from tty. Even then the system settings app would have a black overlay while opening.

In 5.20.x they managed to fix a lot of it, but it is possible that the issue persists. I do get compositor crashing, but it restarts and nothing else breaks, except Firefox window becoming transparent, text from tabs disappear etc.

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