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#Fedilab never needed so much your help. If you have knowledge on Java and want to contribute for fixing current bugs, you can contribute with PR. Thank you.

Did you know that Mozilla is collecting a public domain dataset of annotated speech? This will help develop open source voice-controlled programs. The Common Voice project still needs volunteers both to donate their voice, and to validate other people's recordings.


I just validated a bunch of recordings (English and German) and am happy to report that there are now quite a few female speakers donating.

@codesections Maybe because top is really bad? htop is one of the first few packages I install on a brand new machine. I tried glances (python-based) a while back and saw it was similar to Schrodingers box. Simply running glances had a non-negligible footprint on the CPU usage measurement itself.


> If someone is not techsavy and… doesn't care about privacy, which benefits do they get by joining the fediverse? What are you convincing points for that?

Nicer people! People are generally pretty nice in small groups, but when you throw them together in massive crowds like Twitter does, you get toxic behavior. Small, well-moderated instances promote community.

Plus, Mastodon has other features to avoid encouraging toxicity. I wrote a post a while ago:

Could somebody tell me how does

: ${ENV:=value}

work in ? The part which follows the colon : is explained [1]. But I do not understand the colon itself.


@alcinnz Current de facto web standards are popular not because they're properly designed from the ground up, but because they're easy to start with, difficult to get rid of, and other non-technical aspects of social dynamics.
You can't fix the mass, only distant it from yourself.

@takeonrules @alcinnz To use¹ our site please² enable JavaScript.

¹ in any way
² you must

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices.

If you have a @Nvidia #GPU you can also join the @GPUGrid project on BOINC to run COVID19 WU on your GPU

Been doing @RosettaAtHome for over a decade along side other @BOINCNetwork projects Last weekend I switched to Rosetta only to help boost #COVID19 research

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