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πŸ’– I'm sponsoring Stefan Behnel (scoder) because he is the unspoken hero of the Scientific ecosystem, maintainer of the package. [1]

Cython powers everything like , , , scikit-image - you name it. Cython as a project makes a little below $50 a year [2] and is woefully underfunded.


Fortran rant 

Linear algebra: Computing A_transpose X A: with

1. Read docs
2. Write code

from scipy.linalg import blas
blas.dgemm(1., a, a, trans_a=1)

3. Execute. Everything works as expected

1. Read netlib BLAS docs
2. Write code

call dgemm("T", "N", 3, 3, 3, 1., a, 3, a,)

3. Execute
Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Why why? Why do you have to be such a pain?

Python CLI 

I have Rich's pretty print mode along with Jedi's autocompletion in my PYTHONSTARTUP file to enhance my standard Python console behaviour. I checked out Rich's readme and I must say it is really impressive:

would be a great toolkit to build applications with some eyecandy. Here is another terminal-based Python application that I saw:

allows you to do slideshows in the terminal. It renders images as colourful text!

Plasma users, does your desktop setup include a dock? Is it a:

β€œDon't count the days; make the days count.”
β€” Mohamad Ali

Reddit oddities 

I mistyped the URL to r/videos and discovered that the Reddit URL shortener is a gateway to the past and sometimes vaguely makes sense:

To dd or not to dd 

OK got it: status=progress gives you live feedback. A bit like rsync. oflag=sync according to the man pages:

use synchronized I/O for data (and metadata)

So something like TCP (as opposed to UDP) 🀷? So using dd is still good advice?

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To dd or not to dd 

you do not need to use dd for writing images into flash media (or equivalent) 🀯

However, none of the above articles discuss what status=progress oflag=sync does when used with dd. I don't know either.

Don't fret if has been archived. origin advanced mode should suffice your internet hygiene needs. Here's a script to migrate your rulesets:

This should be condoned and not glorified. This is as if we are going backwards from all the small emissions gains that we made from flight shaming to Staycation. Why can't people take a train instead?

The only explanation I can come up here is that people are going from denial and anger into bargaining for lost ways of life.

via @info_activism

Sysadmin-ing a Raspberry Pi 

Running a full distro upgrade in 3B+ maxes out the machine. It is too much for that device to handle. Don't get me wrong simple incremental updates are OK.

After around 3 attempts, I gave up, unplugged it and plugged in the SD card into my laptop. is great tool to allow chroot into the debian / OS. Resuming the upgrade now.

timeline is actually messed up; because relativity. There is no way the story could unfold linearly considering:

A) Different planets are parsecs away. What's now is actually in the past.

B) Time dilation with all that light speed travel.

Another sale of a tech company to the US? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

This has started to turn into a pattern. I agree with @aral who said that EU (and UK) has to seriously reconsider its policies and stop being the research lab to be consumed by US-based monopolies.

Turns out lets you cdef with `...`:

typedef struct { int x; ...; } foo_t;

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mpi4py uses . So it would have been a piece of cake if I used Cython:

from mpi4py cimport MPI
from mpi4py.libmpi cimport *

Not sure what to do with though.

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I am trying my hand at exposing a code to .

βœ… Building a shared library
βœ… Linking and building a module
πŸ˜• Initializing and passing MPI_COMM_WORLD to a Fortran subroutine

I am unsure whether I should rely on or add a bunch of C / Fortran functions to initialize natively.

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