TIL it's a better experience for users with screen readers if I put my @'s at the end of the post.

RT: @Aaron_h2002
@lilithsaintcrow indeed you are. It just helps a lot because screen readers don't have a skim read function as such, so if a toot starts with a lot of handles, I have to wait for those to read before I see the body of the toot.


If you're looking for people on who share your interests, try searching for a related hashtag like:

or or or or

in the search bar.

Add tags to your own posts to help people interested in the same things find you. :)

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I use Mastodon as my primary public social network not because of the increased default character limit (though it is nice) but because this place has a community of people I care about and people I can actually interact with without necessarily feeling like I am wasting their or my time.

There are other things that keep me here but that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Mastodon @ SUNET

mastodon.acc.sunet.se is run by the Academic Computer Club at Umeå University located in Umeå, Sweden. ACC is actively involved in several open source projects and we provide mirrors for Debian, Ubuntu, Gnome and GIMP. We also host servers for the Gimpnet, Freenode, and OFTC IRC networks. You can read more about our projects and our servers on the ACC website.

Registration is open to the public, but we ask you read over and comply with our terms of use.