I woke up in the night and flopped over onto my side to try to get back to sleep and felt something lightly tickle my eye and it was the problem cat, who felt the best possible action in that moment was to creep up to my face and gently touch my closed eye with the very tip of his paw

In an introspective moment, Smudge wonders if sleeping, eating and pooping really is him leading his best life. Spoiler: It totally is.

my name is Cat
and im no theef
i holed the puf
betwene my teef
wen men is sleep
my self i plees
i jump on up
i crumch the ches

(Source: Tumblr/waywardwes9)

My name is Calfe
& Im too young
to know yet what do
with my Toung!

So till my Mom say
β€œDont Do That!”
Ill stick it out
And lik this cat.

source: Tumblr/Sashayed

Somebody's mad because I won't let him just drink a whole-ass glass of milk

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