In the history of modern socialism this is a phenomenon, that the strife of the various trends within the socialist movement has from national become international.

    - V. I. Lenin, What Is To Be Done?, “Dogmatism And ‘Freedom of Criticism’” (1904)

I wish everybody knew about

when "hey you should read article! [link]" leads you to some hideous monstrosity of popups, autoplaying videos, and begging for/demanding money to read the damn text, you can instead:

1. copy the URL
2. paste it into the box
3. enjoy reading the actual text
4. (optional) say "not today, Satan"

sometimes it doesn't work, for some mysterious, unexplained reason. sometimes chokes on NYT articles, for example, but other times if I close the tab it's in, open an new tab, and try pasting the url again, it works, so.

anyway yeah! spread the news!

La CNDH impulsará el reconocimiento y registro de nacimiento de hijas e hijos de matrimonios homoparentales y lesbomaternales y la libre elección del orden de sus apellidos.

USpol, antisemitism 

Mis respetos a la portada de la

@CornishRepublicanArmy the right loves* individualism**

*calls people
**"special snowflake" when they stand out

The aims of anarchists and true communists are identical.
-- Johann Most

#anarchism #quote #bot

Nada como leerse completo el informe de la OEA sobre el "fraude electoral" en Bolivia para llenarse de dudas… sobre el informe de la OEA 🤔

Les comparto otra Yoda baby Juan Dieguito con mucho cariño ❤️

When our turn comes, we will make no excuse for the terror.

Relations of personal dependence are the first social forms in which human productive capacity develops only to a slight extent and at isolated points. Personal independence founded on objective dependence is the second great form, in which a system of general social metabolism, of universal relations, of all-round needs and universal capacities is formed for the first time. Free individuality, based on the universal development of individuals and on their subordination of their communal, social productivity as their social wealth, is the third stage.

    - Karl Marx, The Grundrisse (1857)

Communists should set an example in being practical as well as far-sighted. For only by being practical can they fulfil the appointed tasks, and only far-sightedness can prevent them from losing their bearings in the march forward.

    - Mao Zedong, “The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War” (October 1938)

If the media wrote about the UK like they do to Latin American countries

El último año primo que vivimos fue el 2017, el próximo será hasta el 2027.

¿Cuántos años primos has vivido?


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