Vivir con discapacidad en Latinoamérica: tres voces sobre los obstáculos y retos en el Día Internacional de las #PersonasConDiscapacidad 👩🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦽


"Enter in your region of birth... by selecting it from this dropdown of the world! Sorry for the potato quality"

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just droppin' some TRUTH right here:

you can remove all mastodon assets and repaint interface a hundred times, it doesn't become less mastodon, which licence you brazenly violate!

re: Truth Social TOS says their code is proprietary 

@thegibson @makeworld @Gargron What might be more fun: wait for launch day and then issue a DMCA takedown at the data centre.
A lawsuit can be discussed with judges and injunctions filed or delayed or whatever, but a plausible DMCA demands an immediate takedown by intermediaries. And in this case the offending infringement is the very source code of the pages being served.
Data centre would be exposing themselves if they did not comply.

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

My dad just called me to tell me to look at the clouds lol and wow look at these clouds (and the moon) !!! #theskytoday

So let me get this straight.

1: you put SSNs in plaintext on a web page
2: you get mad that someone clicked "view source"
3: your actual Highway Patrol patrols the information superhighway?


Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all going down at the same time sure seems like an easily-understandable and publicly-popular example of why breaking up a certain monopoly into at least three pieces might not be a bad idea.

Somebody should tell Elizabeth Warren.

The internet giants go offline today and never return. What happens tomorrow?

Señor un dia de estos tenemos que actualizar esas rutas obsoletas en los servidores DNS, pero claro asi en caliente y en prod
Sujetame el cubata 😂
#feistbuk rules

Siento que toda internet anda más rápido ahora... #facebookdown

@subMedia traduccion.

Los empleados de Facebook no pueden ingresar a la sede porque sus credenciales no funcionan, y los que ya están adentro no pueden ingresar a varias salas porque el acceso está vinculado a través de IoT (Internet de las cosas) y, por lo tanto, pasa por las mismas rutas de DNS que ya no existen. :


Not all heroes wear capes. Someone nuked the DNS A and AAA records for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Diiing doooong :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatbongo:

Registro de abierto

Entra y pásalo bien comentando, subiendo contenido... :blobcatsip:

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