You walk into the dark alley periodically looking back to see nothing but a dense fog. You meet your informant, shaking as they ask, "Is it safe to speak?" You announce in your best non-regional dialect, "Hey Google, Alexa, Cortana, Siri" and wait for a beep; "Good. We're alone."

All websites that attempt to validate my email address (or indeed any hand-typed data) before I have finished typing it, need to die in a fire.
"alan@ is not a valid email address".

What happened to my Mastodon notifications from this month?

Developers of proprietary development tools who are giving it away t no cost to #OpenSource software developers try to help #FreeSoftware and are often valuable community members, but we have to reject their offering.

Been thinking about "distributed CI" lately. Need to find time to understand ActivityPub at some point.

Never idolize people, they always disappoint. Especially if they're famous. (Cf. Robert "Uncle Bob" C. Martin. *sigh*)

If you happen to have a Lenovo Thinkpad X220 laptop and are willing to run Debian sid on it, it'd be helpful if you could try reproducing the problem and reporting it to the bug report.

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I've been having trouble with my Debian laptops crashing on some web pages when I use Firefox. Finally found a way to reproduce, and filed a bug.

Switching from email to something else -- Skype was mentioned in the discussions I witnessed -- doesn't help. It just means people keep failing to communicate with another tool.

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Communication is difficult. Email only works if both sender and recipients can deal with it.

Free software developers seems good at it. People in business don't.

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Listened to a ranty discussion by relatives of in-laws about how email is useless and nobody can deal with it, when there's a dozen per day. Pretty soon you have an inbox with thousands of emails, and communication becomes impossible.

Didn't want to get into an argument, and so I kept my mouth shut.

and carefully trimming mailing list subscriptions works for me. I don't have inboxes with thousands of emails.

At one point I processed about 4000 mails per day, after spam filtering.

Continuous integration is a style of development where changes get merged into the main line of development very frequently, at least daily.

CI systems exist because developers keep forgetting to run automated tests.

Hm, Evinece .3.28 still doesn't seem to be very good with touchscreens. The zoom pull-down widget doesn't work.

Bye-bye X220, you served me well. Maybe I can diagnose and fix whatever hardware problem you have, some day.

I really, really do not like the Lenovo Yoga keyboard. I've used my old X220 Thinkpad for a couple of weeks, and I've noticed that I've lost the unconscious hesitation of "write this at home or wait until I get to the office".

And now I have to move back to the Yoga. Sigh.

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