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Lars Wirzenius

Realisation: I find long blob posts easier to read if the paragraphs a short.

Being rate limited by my mobile provider is kinda annoying. Reading my #Mastodon timeline on the web client still went pretty smooth though. But as soon as I try to access a linked web page… nothing works.
People, design your web stuff with low bandwidth in mind, please.

build job for itself failed.I've never found a build failure to be so satisfactory.

@Shamar I don't think @liw or I claimed that the fediverse was immune to evil or vulnerability, just that centralization carries inherently a form of evil or vulnerability.

@liw I really enjoy your observations on development. I like to reflect on them. I wish I had been collecting them before now...

I first started learning in 1993. That's 25 years ago. Time flies.

I keep writing and thinking how lovely it'd be if a static type system checked things at build time.

I really should try writing code in soon. But I don't want to stall development while I learn a new language.

Rule of thumb for code and architecture cleanliness: you need to be able to understand and debug while severely lacking in sleep, or in extreme hurry.

Because you will be doing that.

Have only five hours of sleep during the night. Spend the following work day debugging excessively tricky code.

The current FCC leadership seems corrupt beyond repair, but my first reaction to the news linked below is "what a crappy paif of scissors".

As a friend said, "Fiskars or bust".

i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

Version control, backups, and automated test suites all help you be fearless when developing software.

This comes in handy when you're not entirely sure what the best approach to making your current change is. The freedom of making experimental changes and not have to live with any mistakes is quite helpful in clearing mental blocks by removing any need to fear doing the wrong thing.

who called it mastodon copypasta and not tootpaste

whlle ./check; do sleep 1; done

When your test suite intermittently fails.

Okay, this is kind of creepy.

I took a screenshot and uploaded it to Masto.

The screenshot contains a unique, made up nonsense word.

A google image search for that unique, made-up nonsense word returns my masto post.

Conclusion: Google is doing OCR on images it finds on the internet so it can better index them.

TFW you find "def foo(self):xs" in source code, or "def foo(self):ZZ" (for vi users). Committed to git. By you. And it passes the test suite.

Oh those "expiring e-mails" in GMail even require Google login to view as webpage? Wow, fuck that shit. That's too obvious

Honestly I don't care if my software doesn't run on iOS because I used a copyleft license, since the only reason that's the case is that iOS is actively user hostile

Please don't send me any self-destructing emails. (Also for your own sake please don't put too much stock in how much security you can get from a feature like that.)