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Lars Wirzenius

Hm, Evinece .3.28 still doesn't seem to be very good with touchscreens. The zoom pull-down widget doesn't work.

Bye-bye X220, you served me well. Maybe I can diagnose and fix whatever hardware problem you have, some day.

I don't like heights, so this was a mistake. But not too bad a mistake.

I really, really do not like the Lenovo Yoga keyboard. I've used my old X220 Thinkpad for a couple of weeks, and I've noticed that I've lost the unconscious hesitation of "write this at home or wait until I get to the office".

And now I have to move back to the Yoga. Sigh.

This writeup of my #LibrePlanet2018 keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost!

We set up a continuous deployment setup at work using today.

A good time to celebrate Midsummer, which in Finland is kind of a big event. Might stay up until 3 am to read a book on balcony, enjoying the sunlight.

Our executive director, Karen Sandler is speaking about GPL enforcement next week in Korea, pass it on!

Britpol, but actually USpol could do with some of this.

Currently wrapping my head around OpenID Connect authorization code flow.

I've reach a point in where it seems to work, for me and for other people, and rather than add more features, I am going to take a little breather while I ponder what the next steps should be.

Meanwhile I'll read about , and who knows, maybe I'll start using Rust to write more ick in the future.

Found another tutorial on . Seems funny, and I could do with funny. A bit down on C, but I can live with that. (Only reading the first chapter so far. Hopefully it won't turn out to be worse later on.)

You can now watch my #LibrePlanet keynote (edited w/ slides) about how firms and markets have coopted the free culture and free software movement's most powerful weapon (mass collaboration) and where that leaves us.

"But this was over-all a very positive experience with Ick2"

Friend tried my hosted demo instance of ick today. The above is how they finished. They almost got their project to build, and everything. One small tweak remains, but it's something I've done before, so I'm sure it'll work.

TFW when you've made something and someone else likes it.

Thanks so much to @wizard for translating my essay on why free software needs free tools into Chinese!


Doing stupid things that hurt other people while drunk is bad. Intoxication is not a defense.