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I've uploaded vmdb2 to the Debian archive. Since it is a new package, it needs manual inspection and approval by the ftp masters, so it is in the NEW queue for now.

It's all very well to know that multitasking makes me slower, but if I have three things to do, and each takes at least five minutes per iteration, the temptateion to do them concurrently is too much for my wilpower.

This is also why I never get anything done.

I've not done a review this year. No wonder I'm feeling lost and confused and unfocused and unproductive.

I wonder if I should try to re-invent my system again, for that spike of adrenaline from change.

@epl692 It's my home-made, completely FOSS/FOSH home computer. Inspired by the Jupiter ACE, TRS-80 series, Commodore PET, etc. But it is made with a 64-bit RISC-V CPU of my own design.

Entire stack (hardware, software, etc) all licensed MPLv2.

@liw congratulations on the new thing! Do I understand correctly that OpenID Connect could make Qvisqve useful as an identity provider for ikiwiki?

My company released the first alpha version of Qvisqve, our new product. It's an authorisation server and identity provider. OAuth2 for now, OpenID Connect later on. Mostly written by me. AGPL3+. Debian packages for stretch+backports availalble.

[Please share!]

Big news: it's my birthday, and I've gone indie! Available to consult, coach, and train, centered on your code in your team space. Primarily NY metro area. More info:

#Agile #XP #Scrum #TDD #CI #Dev #DevOps #ModernAgile #Coaching

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If you're developing a system that handles sensitive data (personal or otherwise), you don't give that data to developers to play with.


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patching my old CI so it can build my new CI software so I can survive until the new CI can build and publish its own Debian packages

I in ick is for inception?

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FOSDEM summary

NVIDIA: Nouveau developers discussing their limitations and struggles dealing with delayed drops of signed firmwares and features they are unable to support without Nvidia's help

AMD: actual AMD staff presenting their latest open source Vulkan driver, their committment to maintaining their drivers in the upstream kernel with day-one support for new products, and inviting the community to contribute

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