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@mairin @ryangorley I think some of it comes from gaming. Not the games themselves, but playing against the computer. It isn't real, you can be as much of a jerk as you want without consequences. People then import that interaction mechanism to other online activities.

There is the old saying: "You can tell someone's true personality by how they behave towards someone they don't have to be nice to." I think that applies today, except with AIs.

find 2018-02-1[5678] -type d ! -perm /u+w -exec chmod +w '{}' +

find 2018-02-1[5678] -delete

Remove several daily backups. I retired Obnam for this.

I don't much care for insulting people or companies by misspelling their name. M$. Windose. Slowaris. Leenucks. Lard.

I've been replaced with a small amount of AWK.

There's a very special feeling that you get when people complain about you licensing your software under the GPL and tell you that you must the license, and you just reply "no".

Someone seems to have submitted a link to my latest blog post to Hacker News. I was already having a bad day.

I dunno about anyone else but almost nothing makes me more nervous than China's new "social credit" system being adopted worldwide... which is easy to envision happening

@liw Heck, I'd make a lot of choices differently if I were redesigning Python today, but then probably most people who like Python would hate what I'd do to it 😉

This is the silliest debate ever. WaPo is even getting involved.

"Should Americans hug or not?"

You ask.

All you do is ask.

"Do you feel comfortable with hugs?"

I do this. (And confirm regularly, in case they change.) As a result, some people I hug as a greeting, and some I do not.

We should not stop hugging those who want hugs. And we should not start hugging those who do not.


3000 words later, I've participated in this weekend's big debian-devel discussion. Now to find a rock to hide under while the flames die away.

I wrote about the 2010 rise and fall of Google Wave, and lessons we can learn from their attempt to roll up email and chat and wikis into a single federated tool:

With my current laptop keyboard, I tend to favour copy-pasting with the touchpad. With an exteranl mechanical keyboard, I tend to favour re-typing small snippets of text.

That's how I can tell a laptop keyboard is good: I prefer to type over copy-pasting.

@liw And static types don't help when things are silently cast too... Oh my gosh, I'm having flashbacks...

Keyword args in Python help a lot, but they need a mechanism to make sure caller doen't accidentally provide value for a keyword argument.

Further, hiding arguments as object state is also often a recipe for bugs, but it's also often the right way to go.

Programming is difficult.

Instead of a complicated, long expression as one statement in Python, it tends to be better to break it into several. Code is much clearer, if a few lines longer.

More things I need to re-learn: the optimal number of function argumetns is 0, but 1 is OK. More than 3 is a recipe for bugs.

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