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There, upgrade all done and remote follows etc should work better now too.

So, will probably upgrade later today, but this will take a bit longer than usual. Major postgresql version update and pg_upgradecluster will take a few minutes, in addition to all the normal slow stuff.

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Why is it that people who prefer "permissive" licenses are totally fine with their work being enclosed and made proprietary, but they get angry and personally affronted if you use their code in a copyleft/GPL project? Clearly one of these scenarios removes more freedom from them and others, but it's the one that preserves and shares that freedom that gets the vitriol?
I prefer AGPL for my work and have actually fielded angry bug reports about my licensing from randos. :confused:

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Check out my (~15m) talk at where I explain why it's critical that free/libre/open source software projects shouldn't rely on proprietary tools:

It's a talk version of from 2010. Sadly still relevant.

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Hey Masto writers! I just saw that Duolingo is taking submissions for short pieces of fiction, $500 if they use it. If you write, check it out - if you know a writer, please boost or share with them! Let's get some cash opportunities to our talented Mastopeople!

#writers #writing #fiction #smallfiction #shortfiction #story #shortstory

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Today is a good day to honour all the good things the labour movement, and labour unions, have done for humanity.

Humane treatment of employees, workers having some free time every day and the weekends off, wages they can live on and support their family, and generally not being worked to death.

So, a bit of a poll here. I don't know if think I've enabled public view of the local timeline, but I'm considering it. If you have an opinion on this, please let me know.

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Looks like it made it, please give me a prod in case something is wonky.

Yes, upgrades are the best! Will proceed shortly, a few minutes downtime to reboot into new kernel, and hopefully everything will work out of the box this time.

Hm. Maybe time to enjoy a mastodon software upgrade later tonight. Hope it is painless!

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Ok how come in tng unnatural selection genetically engineered humans are super ok and research into it is supported by starfleet?

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Work for free, play around usefully, give gifts to friends, ask for help when you need it, run infrastructure because it's cool, participate in organisations because they do good stuff.

And back up again! Seems to have worked fine!

Will upgrade mastodon and do a regular maintenance reboot of the server in a little while, hopefully it will be a short downtime!

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So, some upgrade incoming. Soonish. Shouldn't be long downtime though.

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