ACC's computer room move continues, now with storage shelves in the computer room part.

Still waiting on final construction bits and cleaning before we get to move into the workshop room and the terminal room. Busy fall ahead of us!

Sorry for the downtime this evening, something got broken when trying to fix a lack of IPv6 responses for the mastodon web interface. All better now though!

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And finally up after a fair bit of struggling getting the networking right.

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@ashwinvis sorry for being slow with the reports, the computer room move consumes all possible time, and then some. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

This evening the time has come to move this server to the new ACC computer room too. So there will be a couple of hours downtime starting approximately 18:30 CEST.

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

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We're a few levels behind on mastodon, so there will be an upgrade shortly. Hopefully a quick and easy one with just a short downtime as services are restarted!

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I like it when even Cloudflare starts to de-Google-ify.

"We recently migrated from Google's reCAPTCHA to the independent hCaptcha. It helps address a privacy concern inherent to relying on a Google service..."

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Joined a union today, which I've been meaning to do since forever. It took a lady calling me from said union for me to sign up.

Don't be me. Join a union today.

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I'm thinking about Zoom a lot these days, since I use it for teaching.

While it has clear problems, including privacy problems, a very common tip is to move to, of all things, Microsoft Teams.

I can't help but think that this is astroturfing from a monopoly power aimed at a (relatively) new and small company.

To be clear, something free/open source/self-hosted is def better than Zoom in almost all cases (BigBlueButton, Jitsi), and they deserve a lot of the shit they get, but just.. Microsoft?

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I have created a TUI for mastodon.

It's still an early release and far from done, but it has all the features to be quite functional. For now it's targeted at Linux.

You can find a binary under releases at Github.

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My math-teaching brother's wish is that 2020 is the year everyone learns that "exponential" doesn't mean "very fast" it means "imperceptibly gradual and then suddenly overwhelming".

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The cat sniffed at the outstretched finger.

It was cold, hard and smelled of static.

With the mildest of shrugs, which for a feline is a tiny shuddering of the tail, the cat rubbed her face against it, and the rest of the hand for good measure.

She then twined around the crouching body the hand was part of, purring loudly. It was person-shaped enough.

The android had made a friend, and it felt...

It felt for the very first time.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #SciFi

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