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@stardot @Blort The alternative is to build our technology so that "where your content is hosted" matters less. The instance shouldn't be where the community is, or too critical to your character's identity.

Whether its Google or, if either leaves, the content you care about should be able to survive, and the user accounts too. You can see a bit of this here: says some of the rest (there's more, but hard to fit here)

Still lots of the good bread in the store, so now the freezer at home is well stocked.

Unfortunately not likely to last until the Polarbröd factory has been rebuilt though.

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Free Software rant 

@bob if anything, the rise of cloud computing proved that anything less than AGPL will risk your software supporting closed source products and predatory companies.

Hey, sorry for the breakage, now things seem up and running again.

I am looking for a good time slot to do a reinstall and redeploy on a different platform that will hopefully make it less fragile, but it'll be a few weeks away due to other constraints.

I hope the service stays up until then!

ACC's computer room move continues, now with storage shelves in the computer room part.

Still waiting on final construction bits and cleaning before we get to move into the workshop room and the terminal room. Busy fall ahead of us!

Sorry for the downtime this evening, something got broken when trying to fix a lack of IPv6 responses for the mastodon web interface. All better now though!

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And finally up after a fair bit of struggling getting the networking right.

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@ashwinvis sorry for being slow with the reports, the computer room move consumes all possible time, and then some. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

This evening the time has come to move this server to the new ACC computer room too. So there will be a couple of hours downtime starting approximately 18:30 CEST.

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

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We're a few levels behind on mastodon, so there will be an upgrade shortly. Hopefully a quick and easy one with just a short downtime as services are restarted!

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