Looks like no flu vaccination for me this season. :(

Short supply means they're only giving it to the medical risk groups that were previously recommended to get it.

@maswan Is that everywhere in Sweden? I'd been planning to grab a flu shot somewhere next week.

Seems so, sample points in Umeå and Stockholm now.

At least for the pharmacy drop-ins, haven't checked proper clinics yet.

@maswan says that there's drop-in vaccination until Dec 20, I think, near Stockholm? After that - by appointment only.

Well, yes, trying a few rightnow. First one had run out. But there is one more nearby with drop-in times available tgis afternoon.

Aaand no, Stockholm's landsting has told everyone to ration it for people in the official risk groups.

@maswan Thanks for letting me know! Saves me an hour in a waiting room. :)

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