It really is clear when the Debian Buster release happened to our file archive.

Thanks @debian !

So that is people upgrading from the Debian mirror at Umeå, isnt it? It feels like yesterday when Stretch was released. A faster release cycle is good.

This is mostly images being distributed to other servers and being downloaded all over the world.

The Umeå mirror is also named, so it sees more than local load.

@maswan I see. So cool.

I am amazed by how Umeå pulls off so much cool open-source services, where as KTH hardly moves a muscle. I thanked should also thank you folks for being a Arch Linux mirror.

Once upon a time Stacken and NADA were centers around a fair bit of open source development (and some services, but they were always more into devel), but that seems to be mostly historical by now.

And thank you, we try to do what we can for our club members and for the free software and free culture out there. We have plenty of more ideas too, just lack time to implement (and sometimes hardware).

You are right, it is mostly development here. Btw, there is a nice conference coming up here:


Yeah, it's the open source infrastructure components that is the big difference that I see these days.

Scientific software I see in most universities, wity varying degrees of structure and success.

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