OK, time again for an attempt to reinstall the server behind I'll start the downtime after dinner, so in an hour or so. Total time down should be a few hours.

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Phew, that took a long time. Almost done now though, just a small mastodon software update and we should be done!

And that's it. If you see anything broken now, please give me a prod and I'll get on it!

The reasons why it took so long:

1. Our backup system for the assets is a bit on the slow side. An expected "couple of hours" after I shut the services down ended up finishing sometime in the middle of the night.

2. The system runs on a different network than where all our install infra is on, so I had to go in and patch the other port in to the right switch.

3. I've spent most of today with $dayjob, poking the server now and then when not so busy.

@maswan Running the backups to make sure they're 100% current is taking forever ...

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