“You call that a RAM expansion board? THIS is a RAM expansion board!”

@chronrevisited Reminds me of the VRAM daughterboard for the IBM 8514...which got almost too hot to touch.

@loke @chronrevisited The card at the bottom is the 8514, the card at the top is populated with dual port RAM and sandwiches onto the card at the bottom.

At the time dual port RAM (VRAM) was extremely expensive. I dimly recall the card at the top was 1MByte of VRAM, so each VRAM chip was 256Kbit.


@stacey_campbell @loke @chronrevisited Back when Sun servers were made up by VME cards (340x360 mm) and this is a memory card (half) filled with 30-pin SIMMs. Photo from 1999.

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