Hello Toronto, it is warm here and gets dark very fast in the evening. We must be close to the equator.

And soon goodbye, Toronto. Just need to eat breakfast etc.

It really is clear when the Debian Buster release happened to our file archive.

Thanks @debian !

Cake, alcohol visible 

Thank you to the dCache team for a very nice workshop here in Madrid. Got lots of interesting things to try out in large-scale storage woth free software.

Also, university cat:

Big and odd neighbor at the airport next to where my plane parked.

I like conferences that have a fun social program, like yesterday here at NeIC2019.

Btw, this is how the server behind this instance looks (Dorkovo, named after the paleontological site with mastodon finds):

Testing video upload.

Video courtesy of ATLAS collaboration. Copyright: ATLAS Experiment © 2017 CERN


Went to Budapest the other week. Met a skeptical cat in the woods.

This is also a test of large picture posts, this image is larger than 8 megs.


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