The reason I'm kinda quiet this summer, building an orchard with fencing at cabin.

Hiked up a hill to build up apetite for mother's day brunch.


Made Fat Cat cookies!

Vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate flavour & colour.

Still lots of the good bread in the store, so now the freezer at home is well stocked.

Unfortunately not likely to last until the Polarbröd factory has been rebuilt though.

ACC's computer room move continues, now with storage shelves in the computer room part.

Still waiting on final construction bits and cleaning before we get to move into the workshop room and the terminal room. Busy fall ahead of us!

We got all the running servers moved to the new room at ACC!

All prepping done for the possibility of a long house quarantine.

Almost home from a very busy NeIC all hands meeting, the one time per year we all meet up in our distributed organization. Much time spent in groups, but also a bit away from the conference rooms:

Went skating on the river under the full moon. Very nice experience.

Cool, didn't know the Copenhagen airport signs ran Debian. Probably because they don't fail very often.

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