Debian wishes SRI could be applied to download links as well.

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The Jan. 15, 2022 Hunga Tonga volcano eruption from a sattelite's PoV


Abusive interaction.

As in the moderator needs to view messages addressed towards the victim in context, not just review a single message for ToS violations.

One of the things I like to bring in from our computer club @acc is providing heavy infrastructure for community projects. Especially things that are easy to run but uses lots of hardware or bandwidth, like our free software and media mirror ftp.acc.umu.se and other things, like a few IRC networks, Open Streetmap, mastodon servers, etc.

There are lots of community members, and they can bring different types of resources.
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The early success of the internet and the rfc system was, in my opinion, down to making protocols and standards a low barrier and fast turnaround process. It enabled IETF to run circles around ITU and ISO.
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Happy new year. I don't know about you, but I've been using Linux as the sole operating system on my personal desktop and laptop computers since 1992, so this promises to yet year 30 of Linux on the desktop for me.

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I've just renewed my yearly support to @conservancy as a sustainer of their work. If you care about digital software freedoms, I recommend you support their work as well: sfconservancy.org/sustainer/

Kinda jealous, Whalefall was a big highlight of my first (and only) worldcon experience in Helsinki.

Yup, and it's not a system library that you just update once from the security feed for your distro, but every application has its own embedded copy.

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Open positions at /e/corp: still looking for about 20 more Android/Android framework developers! ‍💁‍♀️👨‍🏫🧑‍💼👨‍💻

Join us to accelerate the development of the /e/OS deGoogled and pro-privacy mobile OS for the masses!

Feel free to share!

#remotejobs #AndroidDev #privacy

Apply at:

@unfa The server vendors ship firmware to us, western digital does not. I'd assume that they either have a special feed from WD or package their own.

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JF Gerbeau at #swh5years: "open access and open data are necessary for scientific reproducibility, but are not enough: software [source code] is also needed"

Closed public registrations for a while, so many spammers signing up (and not very many real people).

We'll try to be quick in approving new requests, but all users are welcome to create invites for your friends to get them in faster.

Linux-only HPC datacenter here: Hard procurement requirement on firmware updates through running Linux OS or out of band management service processor. Then it is up to Lenovo/Dell/HPE/etc to solve it if they want to sell anything to us.

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Precis, så då skulle det bli ett isolerat problem till vissa ideologiskt drivna (eller korrupta) kommuner.

Jag har funderat på att försöka sälja in en "avreglering med kundfokus" för att göra sig av med friskolorna.

Kunden är ju den som betalar, så komnunerna får upphandla exakt så många privata skolor som de vill betala för.

For me, tar is a weird place of a flat namespace for both subcommands (create, list, extract etc) and options (compressed, verbose, preserve, etc), in modern versions both with and without dashes.

Would you count make targets as subcommands? How about create/list/extract subcommands to ar and tar?

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