Oops, I've been meaning to set one up for some time, I should get around to doing that

And was punished for it by the gods.

Contrast that with the story how Odin made personal sacrifices in order to bring knowledge to humanity.

Would be interesting to see a summary of mythological takes on knowledge, the only other one I can think of is christianity and it's very strong message of punishment for knowledge.

Yeah, I'm now reminded of "konstgjord", which also in English "artificial" might be a good example in both languages.

Now back to flight mode so I can leave Arlanda. Onwards to Munich!

(No further testing needed at this tine. :) (

Yeah, also the KTH slogan "vetenskap och konst" is reasonably translated both as "science and technology" and "science and art".

Also, the road etc construction tern "konstbyggnad" for anything complex, needing technology to be built.

Swedish "konst" has both meanings, but the art one is archaic by now.

Så, testandet avklarat, tack för hjälpen

Vi har problem med propagering acc.sunet -> acc.umu, men åt andra hållet (och i allmänhet) så funkar det.

Well, hello Arlanda, just passing through.

This is also a test toot.

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Fun fact: this cat is kept in France as the International Prototype Unit Cat. All other Units are based off of this Cat. If they are equal in value their Unit rating is declared Absolute.

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Another good comic by the JoyOfTech:

„Let’s play Facebook! - So much fun ... move fast and break things!“


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Sometimes I think about the raccoon with the cotton candy

Woot, finally managed to get the flu vaccine, it's no longer strictly rationed for priority risk groups!

Cc: @werekat

Or the ensemble forecast just points in five different directions, also a cause for "eh, dunno".

Sometimes it's just hard to predict. From what I've heard from people in the field, especially for precise locations, a breakup in the clouds could be 50km either direction.

But back to yhe question, probably very few of the developers of the installer in general use the gui, the curses debian-installer probably sees ordrrs of magnitude more usage.

TBH, a bug report with the order you tried and how the actual result differed from the expected result would probably be ideal for a bug report

Maybe, maybe not. Your installation report could be the first one for that.

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