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Every time I use (u)rxvt for very long I'm reminded that I'm extremely used to xterm's very specific selection behavior (especially for multiple clicks) and I can feel something is off even for small variations from it.

Heh, my DM put Travel Mugs in our DnD game. They are very useful!

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My parents' girl kitty likes to play fetch. She finds a toy, then brings it over. Sometimes she drops it on the ground and sometimes you put your hand right under her mouth and she gives it directly to you.

Then you throw, then she chases. Sometimes if you don't notice she's waiting, she makes a little chirp to get your attention. #catstodon #caturday

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I'm impressed with the number of "don't get mad at Red Hat" articles after the CentOS Stream announcement. None of them have convinced me, though.

Red Hat said they're not going to stick to what they said they would do. You can try to spin it however you want, but that's the crux of it. Trust gone in one press release.

Hoppas det återkommer snabbt i samband med tillfriskning!

Zotac's zboxes if it is a small PC and not the mini-ITX itself you actually need. Or PC engines if it is a really low power headless system like a networking box.

I like the idea of Mini-ITX, I've just been underwhelmed with the actual boards whenever I've looked.

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#Debian has a new homepage - and I love the leading headline: "Debian is a #Community of People." Yes, it is also a Free operating system, but at a deeper level, the social contract reveals what it's really about: making the world a better place through software.

I have been a #Debian developer almost a quarter of a century now and I am glad to see these ideals continue to thrive.

Yeah. Them and Frontier in the US are going to really push for breaking the nvidia cuda monopoly, finally.

"Luckily" I found myself more proficient in perl than shell very early in my tech career, so I've managed to keep out of this trap.

I do the quick sniff test of "could this ever need a control logic or a data structure more complex than a plain unmangled variable?" amd it has served me well.

The reasons why it took so long:

1. Our backup system for the assets is a bit on the slow side. An expected "couple of hours" after I shut the services down ended up finishing sometime in the middle of the night.

2. The system runs on a different network than where all our install infra is on, so I had to go in and patch the other port in to the right switch.

3. I've spent most of today with $dayjob, poking the server now and then when not so busy.

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And that's it. If you see anything broken now, please give me a prod and I'll get on it!

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Phew, that took a long time. Almost done now though, just a small mastodon software update and we should be done!

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OK, time again for an attempt to reinstall the server behind I'll start the downtime after dinner, so in an hour or so. Total time down should be a few hours.

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Ja, äntligen! Planerar en promenad under eftermiddagen för att inte missa upplevelsen.

Well, that took longer than I hoped, but is done now. I think it is a bit too late to start with now, so maybe tomorrow?

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