You mean you shouldn't need to measure the rate of java.lang.nullPointerException in catalina.out to see if your production service is working perfectly fine or there is a syntax error in a configuration file?

Extremely true for storage systems. Writing a file wotks fine. Writing a hundred files works fine. Filling up the storage with files and suddenly something goes wrong at 80% ot 98%...

ACC's computer room move continues, now with storage shelves in the computer room part.

Still waiting on final construction bits and cleaning before we get to move into the workshop room and the terminal room. Busy fall ahead of us!

Sorry for the downtime this evening, something got broken when trying to fix a lack of IPv6 responses for the mastodon web interface. All better now though!

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Vissa fjärrvärmenät är sju gånger dyrare i drift än andra, men det är ju svårt att veta om det har någon påverkan på priset utan att gräva ner sig ordentligt i detaljer.

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And finally up after a fair bit of struggling getting the networking right.

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@ashwinvis sorry for being slow with the reports, the computer room move consumes all possible time, and then some. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

This evening the time has come to move this server to the new ACC computer room too. So there will be a couple of hours downtime starting approximately 18:30 CEST.

Yes, apart from a few held back packages where updates are disruptive (database backends for instance), turning on automatic updates on an Ubuntu LTS is a great win for security without sacrificing reliability. We do this at scale at work.

Ja, och äldreomsorgen. Finns ingen anledning att det ska vara kommunberoende.

Vissa regioner har tydligen valt att göra det. Andra inte. Min gissning är att vi har ett beslut om förstatligande av sjukvården om ca 5 år.

I often try to argue this when it comes to data management in scientific computing, but am very seldom listened to.

Your typical sysadmin or ex researcher (most often physics) HPC staff might be the best ones out there for building and maintaining multi-PB storage systems, but maybe they should talk to someone who actually knows the field before they start making up metadata schemes and cataloguing.

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

@thor Populistpolitiker på kommunnivå, Trump-kramare om jag minns rätt.

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