Yes, that's why you might want an optimized kernel. If the ssl lib isn't fast enough you're either downgrading algorithm or switching to plaintext.

Well, I need to bike to work soon, and there is still 15cm of snow on the ground, so YMMV.

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non mathematicians: i hate math because i hate numbers

me, a mathematician: what the frick is a number

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We moved our company from Slack to self-hosted Rocket.chat. Better information hygiene (data on our own server), lots cheaper, yet the same experience using it.


#infohygiene #infosec #pkm #rocketchat #slack #thegreenland

Cool, didn't know the Copenhagen airport signs ran Debian. Probably because they don't fail very often.

I discovered that OSM was needed for navigation in the outskirts of Taipei last year, because Google maps wasn't accurate. I didn't expect that five years ago.

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Openstreetmap is reaching the point that it is just more information rich and beautiful than google maps and that is awesome

@staticsafe We keep most of our records on that, but a few (like ftp.acc.umu.se) is lower (600s) because we do things to that often on little warning. Like a frontend breaking, or that we have an hour and want to do a reboot round, etc. Much higher isn't feasible for a volunteer resource built on old donated hardware.

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Hm. Maybe time for some upgrading of the ACC instances.

Please enjoy a short downtime and then a new mastodon experience in a few minutes.

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As an expat living in Canada, the more I live here, the more I'm convinced I'm actually stuck in some kind of cryptic horror nightmare country that's subtly and slowly eating away at me.

The sad part is that for many of the largest users of these, a few years of license fees could fund a free software alternative. I see some of this happening in CERN now that MS hiked the fees a lot. Hope they get into this area too, but the "per-legislation" part makes international reuse hard.

Yes, my conclusion is that the people responsible for purchasing decisions are way too far removed from the users of the system.

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A number of hospitals here in Sweden are announcing states of emergency due to lack of medical supplies. Scheduled non-emergency surgeries are postponed, etc.

What happened, you ask? Natural disaster? Mass shootings depleting supplies? Theft?!

No, they switched suppliers and the new one can't deliver.

I bet they were cheaper though! Go #neoliberalism!

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You know why all the old software people liked IRC?

Because when you wanted to ask a question in some channel you'd never been to before, you didn't have to spend 10 minutes going through forms to set up account usernames & passwords and unsubscribing from newsletters and alerts like you have to today with the damn web forum software you think is so great.

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