@werekat An album from a hike of Isälvsleden: acc.umu.se/~maswan/bilder/2009

It has this really neat high ridge with steep slopes down to the lake on both sides in the middle, a rather unique nature feature. In addition to all around good forest hiking with nice open pine forests most of it.

@werekat I don't quite have all night sun where I'm at, but it doesn't get darker than this either. I can strongly recommend Isälvsleden for a couple of days of hiking in the woods too.

@werekat Yes, just not in the summer when it is bright all night long. At least if it is star watching you're after.

Ugh, that is something I have less experience with, ticks being rarer up here. I think that's correct, including keeping an eye out for borelia, like a late big blush around the bite etc. 1177.se is usually good for advice.

Best is of course to be vaccinated against all the evils ticks bring.


We got to see some nice stars this weekend too. The cabin by the sea has a bunch of neighbors with outdoor lights, but overall level of light pollution is so much better than close to town. Just good enough to show a nice Milky Way across the sky.

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@ashwinvis As a note, I didn't see this message until I had restarted it yesterday evening, because my timeline was also frozen...

@ashwinvis One of the services had stopped, restarted it and it seems to have gotten through now and working again.

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Would adding more mirrors with high capacity be helpful for the project? Or are you good for now?

Biggest problems I have in putting old HPC hardware into useful build or CI servers is what project to attach them to, and that they usually need more IOPS than a single slow spinning disk can provide.

@fenomenologen tack, ska komma ihåg det. än så länge klarar vi oss bra på händighet och är budgetbegränsade, i det att det finns mycket mer att köpa än pengar i stugbudgeten.

Nästa år blir markarbete och frukttädgård.

@fenomenologen Har en stuga sedan i början av sommaren. Byte av köksfläkt är ett av många projekt som skulle markant öka livskvalieten här ute.

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@stardot @Blort The alternative is to build our technology so that "where your content is hosted" matters less. The instance shouldn't be where the community is, or too critical to your character's identity.

Whether its Google or witches.town, if either leaves, the content you care about should be able to survive, and the user accounts too. You can see a bit of this here: gitlab.com/spritely/golem/blob

octodon.social/@cwebber/104770 says some of the rest (there's more, but hard to fit here)

Still lots of the good bread in the store, so now the freezer at home is well stocked.

Unfortunately not likely to last until the Polarbröd factory has been rebuilt though.

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Free Software rant 

@bob if anything, the rise of cloud computing proved that anything less than AGPL will risk your software supporting closed source products and predatory companies.

Hey, sorry for the breakage, now things seem up and running again.

I am looking for a good time slot to do a reinstall and redeploy on a different platform that will hopefully make it less fragile, but it'll be a few weeks away due to other constraints.

I hope the service stays up until then!

You mean you shouldn't need to measure the rate of java.lang.nullPointerException in catalina.out to see if your production service is working perfectly fine or there is a syntax error in a configuration file?

Extremely true for storage systems. Writing a file wotks fine. Writing a hundred files works fine. Filling up the storage with files and suddenly something goes wrong at 80% ot 98%...

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