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"Elsevier wanted to keep meeting with us, and we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), but yesterday they approached our faculty directly — faculty who are editors of Elsevier journals, who they have working relationships with — and also the media, and presented a rosy view of the offer they’d made to us. Their characterization of the offer left things out, and they didn’t mention what we’d proposed as conditions. They went public with it. So, we announced the end."

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"University of California terminates subscriptions with world’s largest scientific publisher in push for open access to publicly funded research"

Context for those not in the US: this is huge. UC is a uniquely enormous and influential university system in our country. When they do things, many other universities follow suit.

Now back to flight mode so I can leave Arlanda. Onwards to Munich!

(No further testing needed at this tine. :) (

Well, hello Arlanda, just passing through.

This is also a test toot.

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Fun fact: this cat is kept in France as the International Prototype Unit Cat. All other Units are based off of this Cat. If they are equal in value their Unit rating is declared Absolute.

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Sometimes I think about the raccoon with the cotton candy

Woot, finally managed to get the flu vaccine, it's no longer strictly rationed for priority risk groups!

Cc: @werekat

And I'll upgrade this instance too, so a few minutes downtime in the not so distant future.

Will upgrade this instance in a little bit, hopefully not more than a few minutes of downtime

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0300 hours humanities musings ahead. :P

Etiquette is probably one of the most interesting aspects of human behavior to me, because what constitutes proper practice in one context might be metaphoric or literal suicide in another. It's a complex system of passwords and filters, whose purpose is essentially one giant security check.

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On the affects of shit-talking projects people work on 

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#Kobo is a Canadian brand of eReaders.

They're nice devices, they work with all popular DRM-free file types (including ePub, PDF, MOBI etc), and the built-in Kobo store also sells some DRM-free titles alongside DRM ones.

The official site is here:

There's an unofficial Kobo DRM-free search tool here:

There's also unofficial libre firmware you can install:

#AlternativesAtoZ #eReaders #eBooks

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Me: “uh I need one of those ‘drunk octopus that wants to fight’ things for my wall”

Home Depot employee: “you what”

Today I awkwardly learned it’s a double robe hook.

Eagerly awaiting the meme generation growing up enough for products to be renamed.

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We're halfway between the Year 2000 bug and the Year 2038 bug.

(Happy New Year everyone!)

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The story of Wil Wheaton being pressured off Mastodon (regardless of what you think of him; I don't think he's perfect and that's not the point) shows that there is no platform-wide defense to harassment and online mobs and showcases a way that the instance structure may be even more vulnerable to pressure. This article seems like a good discussion of some of the ways to solve that for admins.

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