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You know what, fuck German comfort. I couldn’t care less about German comfort. Or my own comfort here in Ireland. Fuck our comfort. People are fucking suffering and dying in the worst possible ways for fuck’s sake. AND WE ARE ENABLING IT. How devoid of humanity are we?

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In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

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:birdsite: , 🇷🇺 war in 🇺🇦 , ☢️ 

Holy fsck:

> 7 busses with Russian soldiers suffering from Acute Radiation Syndrome have arrived to a hospital in Belarus from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.

> They allegedly dug trenches in the highly radioactive Red Forest - UNIAN News Agency

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If you are to read one article on the Russian-Ukrainian war, read this one:

But be warned that it speaks of the worst horrors this war has seen to date: the siege of Mariupol.

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One of my friends, Tais Yastremskaya, who is under fire in Kyiv now, is opening commissions again! What follows is her words:

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seeking a long term rental home in #Umeå (SE), flat, townhouse, house, 2-3 rooms

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I'm not gonna waste words on things you all know. We're fighting a defensive war. But you should know the extent of their fighting.

People depressed enough to be unable to work for years are making Molotov cocktails.

Kids are helping make masking nets for the army - proof:

Homeless people are collecting bottles for Molotovs.

We have more people willing to fight than equipment, and more money to spend via charities than equipment we can buy.

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@aral 2/ Also with all this mudslinging at Mozilla that I see going around here, what I DON'T see is a "so go use X". IMHO the only X's that are really worth interest are forks of Firefox. (I mean, Brave? I don't think so.) By just saying "Firefox is terrible" without an accompanying "and so are Chrome and Brave, but these are some good options", people will just throw up their hands, go "everything is terrible", and just log in to their Google accounts in Chrome.

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Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans’ data on US servers

2022 is really starting to look up!

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Going to do the mastodon upgrade soon, so expect a few minutes downtime somewhere in the next hour.

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My computer is not your billboard 

I don't consent to downloading, executing or viewing your ads. You are not entitled to my time, my attention, my computer.

I don't care how much you want the money. How much you say you need it. If you don't want me freeloading, put a paywall; I might not pay, but I don't object to being denied a webpage. I object to ads.

There are no acceptable or ethical ads. Ads are distractions, annoyances, disruptions. They interfere with people's work, fun, mental health.

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Happy new year. I don't know about you, but I've been using Linux as the sole operating system on my personal desktop and laptop computers since 1992, so this promises to yet year 30 of Linux on the desktop for me.

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I've just renewed my yearly support to @conservancy as a sustainer of their work. If you care about digital software freedoms, I recommend you support their work as well:

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Open positions at /e/corp: still looking for about 20 more Android/Android framework developers! ‍💁‍♀️👨‍🏫🧑‍💼👨‍💻

Join us to accelerate the development of the /e/OS deGoogled and pro-privacy mobile OS for the masses!

Feel free to share!

#remotejobs #AndroidDev #privacy

Apply at:

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JF Gerbeau at #swh5years: "open access and open data are necessary for scientific reproducibility, but are not enough: software [source code] is also needed"

Closed public registrations for a while, so many spammers signing up (and not very many real people).

We'll try to be quick in approving new requests, but all users are welcome to create invites for your friends to get them in faster.

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