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Came for Scandinavian people. Found an Unix village.

Not dissatisfied

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Wer hat Interesse im Team mit mir zusammen am Update der
Kursunterlagen einer Linux-Schulung zu arbeiten?

* Migration der Texte von LaTeX nach Emacs-Org-Mode
* Inhalte auf modernes Linux updaten (RedHat 8, Suse ES 15)
* systemd, btrfs, xfs, container, namespaces etc

Arbeit "remote" im Team via git/keybase und online meetings.

Selbstständiges arbeiten gewuenscht.

Einmaliges Honorar oder jährlicher
Anteil an Gewinn möglich.

Kontakt via privatem Toot.

Please boost.

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Unix turning 50 next year!
Check out 's tribute on the dedicated site:
…where you can spin up several ancient, historical Unices IN THE BROWSER!
Warning: This was BEFORE bash was bourne!

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Favorite website doesn't have a dark mode? Add these two lines in the Stylus extension and it will:

html, img, video { filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg); }
html { background: #fff; text-shadow: 0 0; }

(It works nearly everywhere.)

This guy makes me LOL!
And seeing him attack FB was just fabulishious!!

Facebook: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) -

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It's not common, but sometimes the alternative client is better than the official one. And that's exactly what happens with NewPipe vs. YouTube.

Seriously, give it a try.

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just noticed how similar the RISC-V and Europol logos are

what kind of conspiracy is this 😂

the @ed1conf-guy unleashed this site on me today:

the @ed1conf-guy unleashed this site on me today:

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Norway’s first hybrid rocket reached space today, demonstrating new hybrid #propulsion technology for a cleaner, safer, more flexible method of powering small launch vehicles. Nucleus was designed and built by @Nammo with @esa_sts.

Read more: source:

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Great! Now I haven't a clues as to what Phoenix/Phenix is - I was born mid-eighties - but find solace that people are taking ed seriously. Also humorous xD
I will buy a print of the ed(1) book from @mwlucas along with the man pages aspiring to become a true ed(1)Igor like you(pl.) one day.

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@privacylab "Oh you want to disable location tracking?

I'm sorry, I cannot let you do this, Dave..."

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