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Yo, then I must inquire if you ever looked into the project?
Reviving the old N900!

Unix turning 50 next year!
Check out 's tribute on the dedicated site:
…where you can spin up several ancient, historical Unices IN THE BROWSER!
Warning: This was BEFORE bash was bourne!

@einarr thirtyfour days, a month and some = not late at all!
Feels like ages ago, I was fresh on Masto.
Enjoy slow times!

@brandon Oh, gimme some of THOSE viruses! They intelligent!
Seriously, I have no idea why tht would give you one of the safest, securest, privacy-respecting engines as default, but that is sure not Startpage's 'fault'. Maybe they also hate google?
They score higher than DDG on several points, actually. Don't trust me, or them = research!

What OS are YOU using, BTW? I mean viruses?

Duckin is cool because no JS option, no so secure or private as others. Even results are less optimal.
Servers are subjected to US laws.
No 3rd party ever checks them officially.
Here's my current least evil one:
Linked shortened with HDA-URL, and links to an instance with my settings and theme.

@brandon Ops, too strong wording! They just don't explicitly mention it ;)

They're doing an excellent job bringing crowds in. The absolute majority love wondeful, clean graphic pleasure, they supply that wonderfully.

No shame on them.
Kudos to them!

Keep enjoying the beauty of the higher levels!

I love Dark themes as well!
I might have used it mayself, come to think of it.
They were going to upgrade to Loki (or Freya) and I read they were removing even more possibilities to tweak the underlying system so I never upgraded.
I was gonna maintain this system remotely, mostly, so I'd rather go with someone not ashamed of being Linux.


⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠙⠻⠗ -Hmm, I see…!

@brandon KDE, I believe U on that. Never seen Panthenon Dark.
Elementary-tweaks would probably not help people customize more than Panthenon, what if they wanted to change DM/WM? That would defeat the whole objective of Elementary. That's what I mean by not-so-customisable.
It's ideal for some people, of course!
I like things that adhere to the

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Sure, I can see that was ambigous!
Beauty is in the eyes in the head :p
I find things like tiling WM's full of ASCII attractive 8O
But completely get your point, though!
GNOME 3 looks nice, no?

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