A fun question they had on Computerphile. What is your favorite shortcut key?

Mine is Super+d which is bind to search programs in i3wm. When I use windows at work it's Win+q which does the same

@rasmus Mine is probably Alt+Enter. It spawns an instance with URxvt. The one single thing I use the most is my terminal emulator. :)

I have never really understood why anyone use the Super-key. It's super awkward to reach without moving my hands for me. :/

@hund that's a good choice, I think I use it just as much as the super+d.

I agree with you that Super is uncomfortable, but I don't want to interfere with Alt shortcuts. But Super is on my left tumb thanks to QMK and Ergodox :)

@rasmus Okey. :) I keep hearing that Alt would interfere with applications. Which applications is that?

@hund Before Qutebrowser I used Alt+d to access the address bar in Chromium.

Also Alt usually shows the menu bar in programs :)

@rasmus Ah! Can you tell that I really don't use graphical applications? :P

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