This is how javascript handles dates...

let today = new Date(2020, 4, 28); //2020-05-28

"The month is zero-based for JavaScript. Days and years are one-based."

I'm pissed and amused at the same time

@rasmus Doesn't it depend on locale?

Date(2020, 4, 28).toString()
"Tue Apr 28 2020 16:48:43 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)"

On a related note, I was also disappointed to see it has not implemented anything to format the object into a string, as in Python say,

@ashwinvis It seems like if you don't use the keyword new it always returns the current time.

I agree, it would be really handy. I can't think of why they haven't implemented it. The interaction with the DOM have changed dramatically because of libraries such as jQuery, so dates should also get some love

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