Question: are there any truly great Twitter and Mastodon clients for Linux? I mean TweetBot class of greatness?


@joacim If you like to use the terminal I'll have to do some self-promotion and say that you should look at tut. It's not finished yet, but usable. An other option is to look at toot. They differ a bit, but not that much.


Btw, have you seen how the matrix-client gomuks handles pictures in the cli?

@selea Looks interesting! I will add it on my maybe list. Don't know how complex it will be to implement on top of the tui framework I'm using :)

It sure looks cool :)
I have no idea how it works actually, :)
Thansk for writing tut!


Just for fun, I've build #tut for #NetBSD on my #Debian PC (GOOS=netbsd go build) and then copied it to a
NetBSD-machine (ssh access). It works just fine :)

@jan_wagemakers Sweet and thank you for testing it! Then I will add it to my Makefile :)

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