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Check if you need to renew your certs from Let's Encrypt! The will be revoked tomorrow March 4.

A long and interesting article about nearly 100 years of espionage. It's quite absurd that so many countries bought the same machines.

The perk of having a split keyboard is that you can use two computers at the same time

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Vårat forum använder sig nu av phpBB3 istället för FluxBB.

Temat är inte klart till 100%, men forumet är fullt funktionsdugligt. Skapa gärna ett konto och kom in i värmen!

New version of i3keys 0.0.8.

* Added a TOC in the web ui
* You can filter the output of text and svg

Börjat blogga på minst ett årtionde försent. Men kommer skriva om vad jag hittar på med min kommande server som snart brevbäraren lämnar hos postombudet

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Det börjar dra ihop sig för mitt kretskort. Är det någon som är intresserad av att köpa min första upplaga?

* 65%
* Standard ISO med delad höger Shift
* Hotswap
* RGB-underglow
* Svart

Blev inte lärare p.g.a. alla lov man får, men att kliva på jullov sitter inte helt fel. God jul på er!

Now I can control all the lights in my house with my keyboard. It makes you feel like a true master!

Do you want to play some games on your ps4 directly after work or when you have some spare time? To bad!

It just takes 3 minutes to download an update for the game you're going to play, but then you have to wait a minimum of 30 minutes. During these forever minutes you have to wait while the console copies the whole game just for some minor patch.

When it's done I've either lost interest or have something else I've to do.

Oops I had forgotten to renew my SSL certificates. And the script I use was set up to renew the certs via https, so I couldn't renew them at first.

More reasons to automate as much as you can so it doesn't come back to bite you in the future

I'm starting to grow an unhealthy relationship with keyboards...

Now I'm strategically saying that I want an other one for Christmas. That way my girlfriend can't complain that I already have several of them, if she buys one. If she doesn't, she can't say that I never come up with something that I would like to have.

A fun question they had on Computerphile. What is your favorite shortcut key?

Mine is Super+d which is bind to search programs in i3wm. When I use windows at work it's Win+q which does the same

Just read about PS2D, an EU directive, that will make it easier for third-parties to access your banking. I was a little bit disappointed when I found out you need a license from the national financial authority. It would be great if you could access your own data without a license, even though I understand the security implications, but read-only should be an option

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Tried to launch and got this:

"Proprietary Nvidia drivers are NOT supported. Use Nouveau. To launch sway anyway, launch with --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia and DO NOT report issues."

It must be one of the best error message I've seen.

I've started reading "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind". I've read a quarter of it and what a fun read so far.

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