I think I care a little bit too much about date standards…

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@reedyn is that possible? 😉 especially given that many people totally ignore date standards

@giffengrabber anything can be too much when it starts to impact your social life. But the upside is that I've managed to get most of my workplace on board with ISO8601. They know that I sometimes go in and edit their stuff if they type something wrong :D

@reedyn Hey, it's good having standards about who you go on dates with... Oh, not that kind of date, right? 😜

At work, a colleague and I were finally able to convince our supervisor (a Boomer) to use ISO8601 to date our drawings, instead of the blasted US format with two-digit year! 🤬 It took freaking years to break his reluctance down. He's a great guy and a fount of knowledge, but he's so set in his ways...

@normandc That's great! My personal worst is when people use the US date standard with the wrong separator (they should always use /). Hyphens should only be used for for ISO8601

@reedyn What I hate with the US date standard, people don't always follow it strictly. It's a crapshoot figuring out if the year is first or last, since it's only 2 digits. You can't go wrong with ISO8601!

We've been stuck with an US-made ERP system that only supports US date format because, nothing else exists, right? 🙄

Bought and implemented in 2009, the company has outgrown it, and we're finally going with something else this year. Woohoo! \o/

@normandc That's awful, we have a system with the same issue, luckily there is a datepicker so I never actually have to deal with the date string.

@reedyn There's a date picker in our system too, but here's the kicker: date format display isn't consistent through the UI. When printing reports (such as purchasing orders), the date format isn't the same in different fields! (purchase date, delivery date)

This system is pure garbage. I can't wait for it to be gone, and I don't even have to use it daily. I pity my coworkers who have to use it 8 hours a day...

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