I think I care a little bit too much about date standards…

@kat That's not even following their own horrible standard. They are supposed to use / as a separator !! 😠💢

@kat everyone should be forced to follow the ISO 8601 standard !

@edgren in Lightroom I usually start every editing process by holding down [[ALT]] and then dragging the White slider until I see some areas being completely white and then doing the same for Blacks. That way you get a nice utulization of the dynamic range, some more tweaks then for Levels usually yields very nice contrasts.

I never touch the contrast slider =)

@edgren Nothing bad with these photos at all. Interesting angles and composition. Personally I'd add a little bit of contrast but that's highly subjective. Great photos! =)

Dagens te är NK:s specialblandning. En av mina favoriter men lagret börjar sina. Måste ta mig till Stockholm nån gång snart :(

I have closed/deleted my Spotify account and I literally hate the confirmation link they gave me!

The link are filled with tracking and I got a warning from uBlock Origin in Firefox on my PC after clicking the link. But when I opened the link in my phone and with Privacy Browser, the real link appeared and that one worked like a charm on PC!

The screenshot shows the tracking link and the hidden link it contained (both links are partial censored).

#privacy #tracking #spotify

Made a countdown widget for my most anticipated device since my Game Boy Color back in 1998

Anything other than local network game streaming is ruled out in the the future. Streaming from PC to the Steam Deck might be cool. Remote server not so much

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Tried out Game Streaming for the first time playing through Fable 2 after all these years. It was the only title that wasn't released for PC. My options were either to go buy an Xbox and the game or pay for a month of Xbox GamePass Ultimate. Figured the latter was simpler but the game experience was pretty horrid.

With a harder game or a game with more precision it would probably have been unplayable. This barely passed

Ny studie pekar ut lösningar på myndigheternas dataläckor -sverigesradio.se/artikel/ny-st

Enkel och bra förklaring om och hur det kan gagna (och alla andra verksamhetstyper och människor)!

There's a special place in hell for companies that disallow copy and pasting into password fields.

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NFTs are so much better than other crypto/Blockchain shit, because we get to watch the libertarian crypto bros pivot to complaining about the unregulated market, demanding a central authority regulate verified vs knockoff NFTs, and gradually reinvent the concept of copyright law.

Efter en full dag som flytthjälp finns få saker som slår en pizza 🍕

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