@bradysflungtablet the API layer allowing interaction with between an app such as Tusky and the service is not part of the ActivityPub spec. Only the Federation is.

So the different services talk to eachother but apps can only talk to the services it has been coded to work with.

What is #AltTextTuesday? Every Tuesday (in the Northern / Western Hemisphere) I will be posting an image and asking you how you describe the image to someone who couldn't see it.

Why this is so important? Because everyone should have a fair chance to see what everyone does, and it's also used on websites (if the image can't be loaded).

You can reply with your alt text and I'll give you feedback to improve it.

(This was started on Twitter and I want to continue it here)

@jono om inte grannen kan höra ditt tangentbord, räknas det verkligen då?

Dagens morgonövning: fatta händerna bakom ryggen, som Christoffer Robin kanske är på väg att göra.

Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

@fenomenologen @coffe precis samma anledning som jag. Jag började med en DS213j (en av dr mindre kraftfulla enheterna) och uppgraderade senare till DS916+ som jag har idag.

@coffe @fenomenologen Synology är både hårdvara och mjukvara i ett, inger du installerar själv.

Det är något dyrare NAS-enheter som funkar grymt smidigt out of the box. Och om man väljer en av de kraftfullare enheterna kan man använda de till nästan vad som helst med VMs och dockers.

Finns även en stor community och många standardpaket som gör det lätt att installera.

I'm probably gonna have to acquire a hydrometer so I can have more insight into what's happening inside the void of the fermentation

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The fermentation vessel is now at 15ºC. Last summer the cellar was at 19ºC.

This is much better than I thought!

However fermentation hasn't started yet, no bubbles. The worrying has begun

Älskar så innerligt att jag har noll följare.

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