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"I can tell this book is starting to get real good"

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New Years resolution - add alt text to images.

tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

On January 1, 2019 something extraordinary happened. For the first time since 1998, the American public domain got bigger.

What happened in 1998? Congress - led by Rep Sonny Bono - extended the copyright on all works by 20 years. Works that had already been in the public domain went back into copyright. Works that were in copyright got an extra 20 years. The public domain...froze.


Very effective compression, from 126GB to 12GB. Unfortunately no match for my old blog in the archive. Sadly forever lost to the void 😢

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Step 1: Download the index, this looks like it will take a while (12.8GB)

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Today I'm going to see if I can recover an old travel blog of mine from the Google Reader Cache at Internet Archive

I was really excited about Matrix replacing Slack/Discord/et al, but wow this is really not promising

Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

I don't get the hate for . It's such a joy crafting a string that works. As long as you don't have a need for lookahead/lookbehind

lol the biggest conspiracy peertube instance that i am aware of has to shut down due to a tiny amount of donations that is not enough to keep that thing rollin – not even "close" lol
tells you about all there is to know about its users

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