How can I follow someone from another instance by searching up their name?

The instant messaging capabilities of mastodon would be great if it was a little bit more developed, I can't even figure out how to dm someone

Here is a hidden message 

Its not a secret😀

I just walked by a bunch of young kids literally singing the Shakira It's time for Africa song, but they ended it with "it's time for CORONA" and LOLed so hard at each other. I'm singing it too now.

Very sad to see the repercussions of the COVID19 and my thoughts to those affected, however it is cool to see the world having a practice run at uniting against a common enemy!

Whats evident is that the people raging and warning about the rise of populism seem to think it can only come from the far right

How far is the closest planet where I can be on a real deserted island for a few days?

Oil painting I did recently rendering a man riding a space ship in the style of a viking ship, programming himself to grow wings

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Does anyone care to give us details of what happened in San Diego #linuxfoundation event? #EmbeddedLinux event reportedly 'crashed'... and it's the fault of LF greed and #corruption
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