Whats evident is that the people raging and warning about the rise of populism seem to think it can only come from the far right

How far is the closest planet where I can be on a real deserted island for a few days?

Oil painting I did recently rendering a man riding a space ship in the style of a viking ship, programming himself to grow wings

Does anyone care to give us details of what happened in San Diego #linuxfoundation event? #EmbeddedLinux event reportedly 'crashed'... and it's the fault of LF greed and #corruption

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What did the one guy say to the other on Mastodon? Nothing, there's no one here K LOL

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🧠🔬 To cure brain diseases, neuroscientists must collaborate: That’s why I’m giving my data away


8 weeks, 9 blog entries, 10 online protocols..........over 500 protocol downloads — fantastic response. Catch up on why I am doing the blog (bit.ly/2U9aTRY ), and read previous posts from summer (bit.ly/2TN0vND ). @SGClabNotebooks @TheNeuro_MNI

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Uptick in #Amazon #Fire #Activity in 2019

With the fire season in the Amazon approaching its midpoint, scientists using #NASA #satellites to track fire activity have confirmed an increase in the number and intensity of fires in the Brazilian Amazon in 2019, making it the most active fire year in that region since 2010.


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#Wildfire #ClimateCrisis

FREEDOM!!!I love Mastodon so fucking hard dude! 😎 The internet, which is the backbone of so much of the Earth's global communication network must be free to enable the potential of true creative thought and innovation. Without it we are doomed for oppression of the mind and for suppression of development of ideas!

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