Vi kommer ladda upp videon på andra mer öppna plattformar inom kort.

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Här kan man se/lyssna på diskussion mellan mig och @vladlau89 ang communities, decentralisering, basinkomst, blockchain och SEEDS.

All my political ideas boil down to this formula: political federation or decentralization.
-- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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The big record labels, their association, and their lobbyists have succeeded in getting a number of members of the House of Representatives to pressure Twitter to pay money it does not owe to labels who have no claim to it—against the interests of

Kolla in denna sida! Det är en engelskspråkig nyhetssida som visar ifall artikeln är vänster- eller högervriden samt ifall den är för eller emot "etablissemanget". Någon som vet ifall det finns en svensk motsvarighet?

my Japanese-inspired programming language, Haku, is coming along nicely. I try to work on it a little every day, and I have now the drafts for the parser, abstract syntax tree, AST reader and a Scheme emitter, as well as an input source reader that can handle vertical text.

I wonder why anyone would consider using this language. It is hard to write programs in and there are no advantages to using it as it is quite basic. But creating the language is a lot of fun.

‘Reckless’: G20 states subsidised fossil fuels by $3tn since 2015

"The $3.3tn could have built solar plants equivalent to three times the US electricity grid"

WikiTree has an awsome tutorial for solving interpersonal conflicts in an online community.

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