The hard problem of simulation local consciousness has been solved. Now we just need to solve the hard problem of consciousness for the next layer.

I've created a Matrix community for Turn-based tactics games. As an alternative to all the various Discord communities. Just ping me if you want to add a room for your favorite TBT game.

Hope some of you TBT fans will join!

Community address:

You can't treat people like this.

probably suffers from bad and outdated leadership and certainly is a big part of that. BUT this does not mean that it is OK to attack a person with intentional misinterpretations, false accusations and lies.

Please make sure that you carefully read all the "evidence" before you decide to sign the open letter against .

I hope this was my final post regarding this topic. Social media is too toxic.

The deeper I go into the #RMS issue, the more I find alterations to his sentences, especially decontextualizations.

Surely most of the people who re-share these deceits do so for a good purpose.

But I also think there are some sociopaths who appropriately alter RMS sentences to make him look worse than it is: from controversial to disrespectful/dangerous.

I say they are sociopaths because evidently they have found in this story a way to satisfy a desire for visibility and to appear as heroes.

We need institutions built on transparency, democratic decision making and accountability. The institution representatives should just be bearers of collective decisions made by the institution members on every single matter.

This is not a panacea. Many more is needed; but this is the quintessential first step to limit bad representatives' impact and community members to be in charge of their own communities.


I'm sure the Fediverse is full of these posts, but does anyone know any co-ops that are hiring or any tech co-ops that are looking to take on a partner who does backend work, primarily in #golang and #rust? Asking for a friend in the Atlanta area who's burnt out. They're thinking of throwing up their hands, going to work for REI, and losing their house when they can't pay the mortgage but at least they won't hate their life. #cooperatives

Mobs are fundamentally social. There's nothing more social than a mob. They're almost synonymous.

Hence, "social justice."

Intressant diskussion om digital kooperativ ekonomi med bl.a. Noam Chomsky. Streamades på Facebook tidigare idag.

Jag besökte precis svenskspråkiga Twitter. Det visade sig räcka med några minuter för att jag tillfälligt skulle tappa tron på mänskligheten. Aldrig mer den skiten.

Oavsett om man är för eller emot kärnkraft som ett verktyg för att motverka klimatförändringarna, så är det här intressant läsning.

I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

*Really* fix things: not just showering telco monopolists in money for their shareholders in exchange for bored frauds purporting to show broadband investment.

Actual. Fucking. Change.

Fiber to every goddamned curb.

Biden FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel wants to know how you feel about your ISP.

Try to keep it clean, but let her know.


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