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How Stalin starved Ukraine

It was a genocide that Russia continues to cover up to this day.

#Stalin #Russia #Ukraine #Dictators

EU to Facebook, Apple, Signal, Telegram, etc.: Open your APIs and play nice with others, or GTFO.

If this sticks it will be a massive win for an open internet.

Very important episode. As always, history is repeating itself.

Norman Naimark: Genocide, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Absolute Power

3,599,040,600 € wired by Germany to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine -

Trevligt att det finns några Vänsterpartister som inte känner sig helt bekväma med fossilpopulism.

Interesting interview about Putin and Ukraine. The puppets of FSB are really going wild in the comments. Fortunately, this war showed that Putin's army of trolls wasn't worth much.

The Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof is about to broadcast short-wave radio over Russia. As a reaction to the Russian state’s increased censorship.

Dear theorati,

Wild idea: Have you tried actually listening to the people who live next door to Russia and are directly impacted?

Start here:

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