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Antisocial nerd gets so angry at a printer that he plagiarizes someone's text editor, launching a movement that creates a vibrant ecosystem of Free computer software, and some hardware too.

Printers continue their sinister trajectory unchanged.

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39 year of GNU and still no Free Software printers.

Where 20 years ago, I said that as a joke, printers have gotten so horrible I wish FOSS organisations cared about them.

Signal is blocked in Iran at the moment also. But here is Signal asking people to run proxy servers to help people get around the block:

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Using programmatically can be quite cumbersome. But it is a very good typesetting engine, make no mistake about it.

Yapping about software 

❤️❤️❤️ log.Printf FTW ❤️❤️❤️

Spent over a week working on one of my favorite articles to date:

Web Scraping Speed: Processes, Threads and Async

I see a lot of new #python devs struggling with the scaling concepts like async loops, threads and processes so I gave a shot at explaining these subjects myself through #webscraping.
It's actually a great medium to illustrate all these concepts as it deals with both IO and CPU tasks.

Editing everything down was a real challenge for this one! 😅

@tracbac I think sometimes when a community is small, having too many ways to communicate only serves to fracture that community more. Matrix. Reddit. And of course, the FSF member forums. All have spaces where folks who might hang out in #gnu might also hang out.

Of course, things do tend to pick up in that channel every year during Libre Planet :)

If you don't believe in dynamic languages and JITs at 20, you have no heart

If you don't believe in static types and precompiled code at 40, you've never used a low-spec Windows laptop

GNU Groff is a weird and fascinating beast.

(Yes, there are lots of flavors of *roff. They’re all weird.)


The channel on Libera Chat is pretty dead 😕

Biggest crime of Tik Tok was making people believe that vertical video was OK

Yapping about software 

Hot take:

Jira is actually quite good 😬

A sufficiently-popular programming language, no matter how bad, will be extended until it has a nice-to-use subset.

A sufficiently-popular programming language, no matter how good, will be extended until it is indistinguishable from the above.

@tracbac you should try those things tho!

I feel that "hardware" hobbies make my software skills better for some weird reason. I'd guess it has something to do with how our brains manage focus.

Gardening is great as a 20 minute break activity if you work from home. I usually pop out listen to a short podcast and pamper my plant friends 😄

I could try my hand at painting, sculpting, playing the piano, gardening, knitting, quilting.

But for whatever reasons, I do programming, systems administration, reading; sometimes writing.

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