it's the first of the month

old gnu mailman listservs bid you hello today

Ranting about software 

Did I say “interesting”? I meant irritating 😆

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Ranting about software 

Very very interesting with people who use Medium and have two different domain names for their blogs – both *and* also their own custom domain.

Kinda antithetical to the idea of permalinks.

The author of the IETF FLAC spec has no idea either where the bright coloured fish comes from... :^)

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Hey, end of the month, and for those of us that have gotten paid, it's a good time to remember to keep up donations to the Ukrainian war effort.

I know I have given less recently due to an unscheduled bathroom renovation eating up much of my free money, but I do try to give some each month.

If you don't have a local trusted small organization to donate to, there's always where you can give directly to the armed forces to help shorten the war as much as possible.

Enterprise storage solutions are freaking expensive.

That is all.

this one instead is my new favourite fan project ever!

well, ever as in "until i find my next new favourite fan project ever" of course.

I bought a paper shredder. What a nice and relaxing piece og equipment it is. Almost ASMR.

Antisocial nerd gets so angry at a printer that he plagiarizes someone's text editor, launching a movement that creates a vibrant ecosystem of Free computer software, and some hardware too.

Printers continue their sinister trajectory unchanged.

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39 year of GNU and still no Free Software printers.

Where 20 years ago, I said that as a joke, printers have gotten so horrible I wish FOSS organisations cared about them.

Signal is blocked in Iran at the moment also. But here is Signal asking people to run proxy servers to help people get around the block:

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Using programmatically can be quite cumbersome. But it is a very good typesetting engine, make no mistake about it.

Yapping about software 

❤️❤️❤️ log.Printf FTW ❤️❤️❤️

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