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Interesting approach to Kubernets:

“We started with a full-stack k8s approach (on GKE); left (switching to plain GCE VMs); then came back much more conservatively, just using GKE for the stateless business-layer while keeping stateful components on dedicated VMs. Much lower total maintenance burden.”

Stick it to the man feat. Jack Black – love this scene from “School of Rock”

If we repudiate death, we will inevitably repudiate life

And all the world is football-shaped / It’s just for me to kick in space

Birdsite mention 

Fediverse doesn’t feel maximalist like the birdsite.

No hysterical focus on growth.

Instead: Discussions amongst curious folks. People who want to show art/music/other stuff they’ve made.

I like that focus better.

Kinda like fast-food vs the “slow food” movement.

Living close to the high coast have its perks. Here's some views from själandsklinten.

They say techies over 40 can't learn new tech?

I say they can take a number, have a seat, and wait their turn to kiss my ass.

#learning #VueJS #JavaScript

Listening to “Speak & Spell” as if it was the year 2001 and I’m in senior high.

how to safely pirate music without the internet 

1. Buy used CDs or borrow them from your public library or a friend.

2. Rip to your preferred format (Ogg, FLAC, etc.)

3. Sell or give away the CDs so that others can rip them too.

How to run Debian without systemd:

docker run --interactive --tty debian:bullseye


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