why the fuck did I just see a charging powerbank being detected as a second keyboard and blocking boot? O.o

Reading Becker's "Outsiders". So. Much. Useful. Stuff. Labeling theory explains a great deal about the current processes of self-presentation. I wish I could hear the author's opinions on that!

Also: first author I've seen that wrote a book to help students (the writing book) and when it came to some of the admin grind? Actually ADMITTED that since he entered like 50 years ago, he probably has no idea how it works at the entry level now. This is a rarer insight than one might think.

Workshop was good, but moving my sleep cycle a few hours up from waking at 5:30 is a a double-edged sword.

I'd love to go to sleep now, but I really don't want to just lay around in bed sleepless. Might as well go try to do a 15-min stretch of work and see if that helps.

Came across a lovely term at our workshop today: "broken whiteness" (bruten vithet, introduced by Maria Lönn). This is describing Eastern Europeans in contact with the West. Wanna read about it; wondering if it's similar to my own observations that there's sort of whiteness that may stand up to cursory examination, but which dissipates in unpredictable ways on contact (usually voice - most Eastern Europeans have recognizable accents).

Reading a public-access student text with my Swedish tutor, and the author says off the top of their head "what is right, wrong, or normal".

It struck me as a very Swedish formulation of the good old categories of "raw, cooked, and spoiled". :P


1200 words, but I need moar to send this in. C'mon, brain, work.

This message brought to you by a friend of mine who is afraid of going to the doctors. Please don't be! They might be overworked, but they're not scary. The process is time-consuming and often annoying, but it is so much worth it when whatever's bothering you!

If you can't afford it, you have my deepest sympathies. In that case, well - going through the checklist yourself is better than nothing.

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It's really nice to have a writing group, even a long-distance one, and it's also nice to write something that isn't thesis. :P

My friends are sitting in a cafe in Kyiv, and I'm sitting in Sweden, but we're all writing. :) I did about 800 words for this story, finished the rough draft of a discrete piece - and gotta go DM in a half an hour.

Becker is a goddamn rabbit hole.

"Like so much knowledge about how society works, people really knew it all along, but would rather not think about the implications and corollaries. The sociologist's job is to say such things out loud and make everyone think about them seriously." "Writing for social scientists", p. 128

Also, 1759 words of thesis draft. I am trying to get used to a write and rewrite process, rather than the typical MA student "your first draft has to be as good as possible because you don't have the space for another one."

Also, you can't beat some esoteric texts for amazing fantasy race ideas.

"They are the aborigines of that inverted world, an ancient race who in part resemble centaurs, in part angels of darkness, but most of all, I think, flying dinosaurs."


A thread reminded me that I have a favorite absurdist microfiction, which I am not sure is easily translatable, but I'll try!

"Katya's friends came to see her.
But Katya wasn't there.
She never was.
You can go away now, friends of Katya."

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Oh, shit. Remember that "Sleep" video I posted?

The singer's an army vet. Wow, that makes it even better.

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Wait, what, so people who don't think social constructionism is a good theory in any way, shape or form, still think 'altercasting' - i.e. nudging someone towards acting a certain way by setting expectations - is possible? How?

I'm trying to wrap my brain around how people can manage that little bit of mental gymnastics. Maybe the reviewer is wrong, haven't read his stuff before, but seems sound at a glance:


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This is the crux of the agreement, though. Kyiv Post and Umland generally know their stuff, so... Hopefully no "betrayal" yet, but there might easily be one.

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