Yesterday I tested Tales form the Loop #RPG. Actually that was my first time of being a gamemaster. It was awkward, but I dealt with it.

Well, Tales from the Loop is a quite pretty game to fun with friends. Characters are easy to create, the gameplay is simple to learn, the sci-fi narrative is fascinating, and players have a lot of opportunities to express their characters and take a significant part in an adventure. I like it and will enjoy to try one more one-shot :)

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Well, I've tried Tales from the Loop again. It was very cheerful! I like how players alow themselves to be just kids and make stupid funny things )))
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The only thing I dislike in #TalesFromTheLoop is that in case you fail the final trouble you... just go home. Yep, if you lose the battle with a final boss you just became upset and wait for the next mystery :welp: That's what my players completly wouldn't accept! So I had to allow them... to kill an adult who was the main baddy. It wasn't actually appropriate to the TftL vibe, but it makes characters closer to each other and adds a special mood like "I know what you did last summer" 👀


@VGM Congrats on DM-ing! And hehehe, that sounds absolutely fun--especially with the "I know what you did last summer" thing, it sounds like an excellent note to end on!

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@werekat Thanks! I'm really happy I could amuse a group of people who agreed to spent 6 hours of their evening :blobfearsweat: :blobcat:

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