Me: "look, our historians, at least the professional ones, are highly empirical"
Also me: "no, no, wait, just don't take 'university position' as equivalent to 'professional historian', half of the pros don't have positions. Some don't even have degrees. And in the actual universities we sometimes get people who think Sanskrit came from Ukraine. We're very sorry about this."

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And believe me, the whole situation is NOT made any easier by the whole colonial entanglement thing (i.e. "those guys are arguing against us not because they think they're right, but because they wanna "prove" Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are the same people for political reasons"). Argh.

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Also that moment when you legit can't figure out if an 80-year-old guy is still teaching because most Ukrainian scholars (perhaps especially the folks with contested reputations) have this ethos that they'll eventually die instead of retiring. This especially concerns heads of institutes.

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Ok, no, that's his son. Who's continuing his father's work. The father's a scholar of India. His son is heading an institute of Ukrainian Studies. They just both have the same initials, and since Ukrainian conventions usually are I. Lastname.... AARGH.

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Me to supervisor: I've fallen down a rabbit hole!
Supervisor: Beware of rabbit holes! ☺️
🐇 🕳 💀

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