I'm not gonna waste words on things you all know. We're fighting a defensive war. But you should know the extent of their fighting.

People depressed enough to be unable to work for years are making Molotov cocktails.

Kids are helping make masking nets for the army - proof:

Homeless people are collecting bottles for Molotovs.

We have more people willing to fight than equipment, and more money to spend via charities than equipment we can buy.

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Ukraine, aid request 

If you want to help, I made a charity list. You might have seen it already.

But what is CRITICAL now is actually getting stuff. We need logistics - in all countries. We need bulk suppliers.

Most effective way to help right now is to find your local Ukrainian volunteers and HELP THEM FIND HIGHLY SPECIALIZED SUPPLIES.

We have more things to do than we have hands.

But together we will stop the Russians in their tracks.

Ukraine, Nazi discourse 

As for the "Ukrainians are Nazis" thing, I will say only one thing. A major news outlet in Russia (RIA news) has basically said that Putin has taken upon himself the historical responsibility to solve the Ukrainian question for future generations.

I think this is all that needs to be said about the Ru-Ua Nazi discourse.

Ukraine, petition help 

The two most important petitions to sign right now are these:

They are asking to get NATO to help stop the rockets by aiding in our anti-air. We do get some anti-air, but a no-fly zone would solve so many problems.

Ukraine, to Ukrainians 

I wish I were there with you, all of those who are fighting. And that is ALL of my friends, each in their own way. But I will bring you all the armor, all the meds, everything I can get.

Happy hunting, friends. Happy hunting.

Ukraine, for people who want to fuck things up digitally 

I've said it in a few other channels, but some friends in Russia who are livid at what is being done in their name, suggested this: break Russian websites and stream Swan Lake. Long story short, this is a 1991-Soviet dissolution meme that is a symbol for "the government has lost control." Stream this where you can, and this will send a message.

Ukraine, for people who want to fuck things up digitally 

Additionally - the Russian government censorship agencies have banned news outlets from even using the word "war". If all people of good will who can help them use the word war could do that - this would be great. As in: break into news outlets, write about the war.

Ukraine, list of medical supplies 

1. Tourniquets (turnstiles) for critical bleeding (SICH or CAT type)
2. Turnstiles for pelvic injuries with inflatable cuffs (like SAM Junctional Tourniquet)
3. Israeli Emergency Bandages 4", 6", 12"
4. Hemostatic gauze (with X-ray indicator, like Combat Gauze QuikClot)

Ukraine, list of medical supplies 

5. Hemostatic sponges
6. Occlusive dressings
7. Anti-burn dressings of different sizes, including for face and torso (like Burnshield)

1. Medical splint for arms and legs (Sam Splint type)

Ukraine, list of medical supplies 

2. For intravenous infusion: Sodium chloride (NaCl), Ringer solution, hydroxyethyl starch solution - all in SOFT container for medical rucksacks + infusion system + Peripheral venous catheter (G18 size or near)
3. Intrabone catheters (for chest - priority, FAST type)
4. IGel, size - 4, 5, 6 (for adults)

Ukraine, list of medical supplies 

No such thing as too many supplies on this list. Bring them to Ukrainian Diaspora groups, we will get them to people who need them!

Ukraine, petition help 

It's atm the only thing I can do helping the Ukraina. And spreading your voice. Stay safe, stay brave. My heartbreaking thoughts are with your fellows!

Ukraine, thermonuclear war 

@werekat if NATO tried to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, wouldn't that move towards a nuclear war and billions of deaths? To make it work they would have to bomb Russian air defenses on the ground, and the same aircraft and missiles can carry conventional and nuclear warheads. One of the unwritten rules of the current order is "NATO and Russian troops do not shoot at each other, even if they are backing opposite sides of a war"

Ukraine, thermonuclear war 

@bookandswordblog The issue here is that your threat model is that Putin won't use nuclear arms to make the whole world burn if he loses. I think differently. He's already threatened nuclear attack.

Ukraine, aid request 

While not able to help much in logistics or medical procurement, I did send a chunk of money to the armed forces by means of bank transfer to the national bank. This under the assumption that the arms industry would find a way to deliver, given money.

Ukraine, aid request 

@maswan Oh, they will. Thank you!!!

Ukraine, aid request 

In a slightly lighter personal reflection: I wasn't expecting to go into 2022 hoping that war profiteers would be good at their job, but here we are.

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