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Ok, so this has made my entire day. The kids are alright (c).

I like how that kid's interpretation is like 100% logical - and approved by our local scholars of religion chats!

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I can't stop laughing, this is spot on. XD

Good morning! Found some rather pretty Kyiv cyberpunk pictures on the Ukrainian subreddit.

The attached one is by Valentin Porada:

The ones in this link are actual photos:

I have to say that Porada got the mood perfectly, as one can easily see from the photos!

Addendum on Alexey B. situation.

Ukrainian security services: he attacked ATO veteran Dmytro Verbych!

Dmytro Verbych: he most certainly did not attack me, he was the only person from Revolutionary Action who met with me and tried to find common ground with me. We didn't, but that's beside the point. SBU: don't lie about the whole situation. You and I both know exactly who attacked me.

Video in Ukrainian below, if it works.

@zens reminded me of how we used to try and program calculators to play video games as a kid. I mean, sans video, but I digress. :P

I even managed to dig up the program code for one typical game on the Internet!

The game was a weird little shooter where you had 9 turns to clear a level by shooting enemy ships. I think I got as far as actually compiling that game (or a VERY similar one), but never got past a single level. XD I must've been 7 or 8 or something... Fun times!

CW for page proofs that WILL MAKE YOUR EYES BLEED 

...Remember how I sometimes rant that nobody gets paid in academic publishing? Not the authors, not the reviewers, not the editors, not the layout designers?

Here are some pages from a Palgrave Macmillian print-on-demand series. They showcase this thesis.

I am screaming internally. This has like 4 useful articles. Which I can't really cite.

Wrote the academic editor, as I am like 90% sure this isn't on his end. He deserves to know.

Post-Soviet religion and medicine, part N. This is apparently found somewhere in Lviv - the photo isn't mine, tho, just circulating in social networks. A friend of mine confirmed the graffiti was real, though!

Photo of concrete wall at tje psychiatric clinic in winter. Bright red graffiti says: "Sick folks! Take your meds and visit [your] exorcism".

In today's material, a friend brought me a picture of an Orthodox zagovor (charm w/prayer elements) against friends who do drugs. It's supposed to be read over your doorstep once the druggie friends are gone.

I can just imagine some overly concerned parent writing this!

Redrafted to caption - and ooh! The caption has enough space to translate the whole thing, so you can read it if you want!

A friend of mine just posted this little gem. The name of this lovely place is called "Pies and Friends". They asked "so.. Do you want to be this guy's friend? If not, why not?"

Another one of my friends replied: "Nope. Too big of a chance that I'd go from the 'friend' category into the 'pie' category!"

From a Christian Orthodox temple in my friends feed. Picture says "if you want to steal something, ask us - we'll just give it to you".

Some Ukrainian folk songs for your evening, from the famous folk ensemble Drevo.

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine. :)

One thing we can never take for granted anymore - but another year has passed, and we're still there.

This is the issue at hand as I could sketch it out. Key points: what does "prove" really mean (and how does one read "clearly" and "if one needed convincing" together with "prove"?

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CoVid, Bulgarian cooking, photos, possibly mildly disturbing 

So, some people have obviously been bored in quarantine, apparently somewhere in Bulgaria. :P

This is the original picture going around. Very poetic reply in itself, I think!

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It's always fun to watch how the evolution of punctuation and etiquette is currently going. This picture below is a neat example of how punctuation is supposed to convey tone, and how precise the present conventions are becoming - if most of the time we don't use them consciously.

See also: typing in all lowercase to show tongue-in-cheekiness; using smileys as a kind of diacritical mark ("this is how the text is supposed to be read"); use "/sarcasm" to re/contextualize. Cool stuff!

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